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Biowashball is a new advanced Swiss laundry without detergent. 
Biowashball is an exciting new product which eliminates the need for washing detergents. Scientifically designed and composed of natural ceramics contained in a plastic non-toxic sphere, the Biowashball reduces the risks of allergic reactions linked to the use of detergent, eliminates germs, saves you money and protects the environment.
If you or your children have sensitive skin and suffer from related conditions or allergies such as eczema, by using Biowashball you can wash your laundry without chemical-based washing powders and softeners.
Biowashball is:
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • 100% GREEN - help protect our natural resources
  • Water is detergent free and recyclable plus ideal for septic tanks/wastewater
How Biowashball Works:
Biowashball cleans clothes and linen naturally using unique ceramic ball technology. During the wash cycle, 8 specific Biowash ball ceramics combine to alter the PH of the water, by emitting negative ions which weaken the adherence of dirt on fabric thereby creating an environment in which the dirt can no longer stick to the laundry.
The Biowashball has a pH of about 10 which is equivalent to that of an ordinary chemical detergent, has an antibacterial effect that eliminates bad odours and is hypo-allergenic contributing to your well-being.
The Biowashball is rechargeable using the sun. 2 hours in the sunlight prior to first use and thereafter an hour a month is all that is needed to regenerate the micro ceramics to ensure maximum cleaning and anti-bacterial action.
Biowashball will last for up to 3 years on the basis of one 4.5kg laundry per day. This equates to approximately 1,000 washes and a cost of less than $3 per month. If you have a larger capacity washing machine, use 2 biowashballs for more effectiveness.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Do I leave my Biowashball in the machine during the rinse cycle?
Yes, you can leave the Biowashball in the machine throughout the entire cycle – the Biowashball will continue its washing action during any rinse cycles.
Can I turn the rinse cycles off?
As there are no chemicals, fillers or residues to remove, there is nothing to rinse out. Once you have rinsed out any trace of dirty wash water, you can reduce or remove any additional rinse cycles if your machine permits it and thus save time, electricity and water.
Can I use cold water?
Yes, you can use cold water with the Biowashball. The maximum temperature recommended for whites and linen, is 50 deg C.
What about my whites?
The Biowashball does not contain bleach or whitener. There are natural products available with non-chemical whitening properties, which can be used to soak whites overnight, should you feel your whites have become a little dull.
Will Biowashball remove stubborn stains?
Biowashball is not a spot and stain remover. As when using ordinary washing powders, spots and stains still have to be pre-treated.
Is Biowashball effective with hard water?
Yes, the Biowashball works in all water types.
Can I use some detergent with my Biowashball?
Yes, you can use a little biodegradable detergent in the machine when using your Biowashball.
Will the Biowashball damage my delicate fabrics?
Washing machines can be very rough on delicate clothes and it is therefore recommended that all delicates be placed in a laundry bag prior to washing. 


After treating stubborn stains, simply put the Biowashball into your washing machine with your dirty laundry.
To add fragrance you can use an ECO FRIENDLY SOFTENER.  As there are no chemical detergents, softener is not necessary.
Once washed simply complete the washing process with your machine’s rinse cycle and you are rewarded with beautifully cleaned laundry – the natural way without chemical detergents.
One Biowashball to be used for a 4.5 kg wash and two Biowashball's for a larger load.


  • To safeguard its efficiency, place the Biowashball in the sun for 1 hour every month to regenerate the ceramic micro balls and ensure maximum washing and anti-bacterial action.

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very satisfied Review by
  • star

I am very happy with this product. The clothes come out of the wash feeling soft and there is a saving on water and power.

Love it! Review by
  • star

Got one quite a while ago..our new washing machine has never 'seen' washing powder..wash ball does a great job, washing is clean and soft.

Great Review by
  • star

I bought one of these a month ago and it has already paid for itself. We are a family of four and I do maybe three washes a day. I have abused the ball by using it three times a day instead of one a day and the load is probably more than 4kg. However it is holding up well and I do recharge it in the sun when I remember. I am considering buying another couple otherwise I can see it needing to be replaced in a year rather than three. I will probably need to do a hot white wash with detergent to get out stains and whiten whites at some point, but the many pluses (mainly financial) cannot be over expressed! I also like how I don’t have to add powder and softener, I leave the ball in the drum and just add another load - easy. A total no brainer.

would buy this again Review by
  • star

I do gardening for a living. The 1st load I washed with the ball, I looked at the draining wash water, just to see. It was black. When I went to hang my wash, the 1st thing I noticed was that my bath towel was noticeably brighter. Three loads later, I am still happy with it. Other dingy items like work merinos are looking brighter, as well. I have told others about this product, & would buy it again. As a Gisborne surfer, I am happy to not be adding to the detergent load in Poverty Bay.

Doesn't work well enough Review by
  • star

I bought one of these a month or so ago and with each use I feel more and more dissatisfied with it. Laundry doesn't smell fresh after washing, it smells like dirty laundry rinsed out in clean water. We've taken to adding a little washing powder for that "freshly laundered" smell but unless you add the normal amount of washing powder (which would completely defeat the purpose of the ball to begin with), it's not enough. Clothes that go in smelly come out still smelly, just watered down smelly. I have been persevering in the hopes that as the weather warms up and I can start drying washing out in the sun again, that will improve, as I really want a wash solution that does not bother my boy's eczema. But just now I grabbed a woolen jumper my baby had gotten food onto that were washed in a delicates bag as per the instructions and even after two washes, there is still food caked onto the front of the jumper. It's not a stain that needs soaking, it's just caked on and with a little rubbing, it comes off, so it should be a simple wash job - yet two washes later, it's still there. Supposedly, the ball does not have to rub clothes directly to get these types of things clean, as it's recommended to put them in a delicates bag, but this makes the whole "ions stop dirt from clinging" pretty much unbelievable. I am regretting buying one for my mum a week or so ago despite my misgivings, as now I think it was a waste of money. Very, very unimpressed, and considering returning the ball for a refund.

Have done some research before purc... Review by
  • star

Have done some research before purchasing this amazing has got a great name worldwide...and I am 100% happy with the results! Washing smells fresh and feels very soft! What a great way to safe money and even more important, to stop my part of water pollution :)

Don't know how it works, but it cer... Review by
  • star

Don't know how it works, but it certainly does! Even my skeptical husband is now happy to use it. I do occasionally find a bit of dirt that has been missed, but this is more than balanced out by not having to re-wash sheets and other items to get rid of residual washing powder.

At first I was a bit skeptical, but... Review by
  • star

At first I was a bit skeptical, but I have a septic tank, so keen to reduce detergent and had problems with detergent residue gunking up inside the machine with all the dust from my builder huband's clothes. Then gunk ending up on mine. I have been using the ball for two weeks now and its great! I wash at least once a day no probs. Our socks are whiter than before too. It's worth giving a go!

what a awsome product, I love this ... Review by
  • star

what a awsome product, I love this so much that I am buying 2 more for xmas presents, I have been buying eco friendly washing powder for a long time now but this is so much better with absolutely no chemicals. brilliant

I was highly sceptical and concerne... Review by
  • star

I was highly sceptical and concerned that I'd spent $80 on the 'king's new clothes', but it really does work. I tested it on my particularly dirty reuseable canvas shopping bag and was genuinely impressed. An added bonus is the lack of detergent residue, which was making some of my clothes look dirtier coming out of the machine than before they went in.I've yet to test it on my delicates and am a bit concerned its rolling around might be a bit harsh on them, so only 4/5 for now.

Items 1 to 10 of 16 total

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Product Highlights

  • Anti bacterial, Economical & Ecological
  • Safeguards your clothes
  • Protects the environment
  • Lasts for around 3 years at 1 wash per day
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