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Arataki Honey

Arataki Honey is the number one beekeeping business in the Southern Hemisphere, with 20,000 hives across New Zealand.

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Arataki Honey

Arataki Honey was established in 1944 and is run in two parts. The Hawke's Bay Division produces and packs honey for the local and export market, provides local pollination services and is the site of the Arataki Honey Visitors Centre. The Rotorua Division specialises in live bee exports, queen bees, packing honey and providing pollination services.
Honey is healthy and delicious, and there’s no better place to get yours than Arataki. And if you’re in the neighbourhood come and see us at our Visitor Centre in Hawke’s Bay. Taste some honey, meet the bees, learn how honey is made - it’s a full sensory experience and it’s free!

From hive to honey pot, every step of the way, quality and traceability are key to making New Zealand’s finest honeys.

Product Reviews

  • Very good product


    I was worried buying a lesser UMF would mean it wouldn't have the same amount of uses, from animal to human treatments (e.g insect bites e.t.c..) but it still has worked nicely and had a lovely taste. With all the really high UMF out many price range it's still nice to know there are some still under $30 that are of good quality.



  • 素晴らしく美味しい高活性度のマヌカハニー!


    アラタキ社は兄弟の会社で、お兄さんがホークスベイ、弟さんがロトルアでそれそれ経営しています。しかし、弟さんの会社があるロトルアの火山地帯という肥沃度の低い土壌に生息するマヌカからは、DHA(ジヒドロキシアセトン)やMGO(メチルグリオキサール)の含有量が多いUMF 15+という高活性度のハニーを産出できるのだそうです。そしてこの製品はその弟さんが経営するロトルアにあるアラタキ社の製品です。日本のお店で入手できるアラタキ社のハニーはホークスベイにあるお兄さんが経営している会社の製品だけですから、HealthPostはロトルアにあるアラタキ社の製品を購入できる、限られた貴重な入手ルートと言えるでしょう。

    一般にUMF 15+のマヌカハニーともなれば、美味しさを犠牲にして意図的に薬効成分を増加させた、正直あまり美味しくない苦いマヌカハニーになりがちですが、アラタキのUMF 15+ マヌカハニーは高活性度でありながら、とても美味しいマヌカハニーです。美味しさと効果の両方を期待する欲張りなあなたには、是非おすすめしたい商品です!



  • I like it ever so much!


    Arataki manuka honey UMF15+ is very tasty and having very high antibacterial power.
    It's for the first time in my life that I ate such a delicious manuka honey!
    It’s really good!



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