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  • Oil + Ear Candle + cotton buds = Success

    A little convoluted, but for you non-believers out there, this is how it worked for me. My ear was badly blocked for about 3 months, to the point of profound deafness. I tried half an ear candle, with no luck. Second time round I put some good extra virgin olive oil in a dropper bottle and warmed it up, before filling the ear canal up with the warm oil and letting it find its way down to the ear drum for about 5 mins (not painful, in fact quite pleasant!). Then I drained the oil out into a tissue. Next, out came the remaining 1.5 ear candles, and I used them both on the ear. About 12 hours later, I used the cotton bud ear sticks to clean the ear canal, and The Miracle happened - I had surround sound back again, my long-lost friend! So I guess the long and the short of it is that if the ear blockage is quite dire, a gentle multi-step approach is the answer. Don't give up! Good luck



  • I love ear candles! I get really so...

    I love ear candles! I get really sore, blocked ears as I have twisted canals as well as sinus problems so these work wonders for me. It rids the build up which causes pain and ithchyness and makes me hear things so much clearer! I do an ear candle session about once every 3 weeks and it's changed my life. Love them. This is also a lot cheaper than what you get at a health store!



  • These Ear Candles burn evenly and s...

    These Ear Candles burn evenly and slowly as they should. They hold their shape, create a vacuum easily and are able to be relit. Very satisfied with the results (lastest much longer than the Happy Ears Candles). The only Ear candles that surpass these, are homemade, abor?ginie ear candles I've used in Australia.



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