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NuZest are a New Zealand nutrition company, producing high-quality food-based powdered supplements. Their products are targeted at filling in the nutritional gaps many people have in their diets, with quick, easy, nutrient-dense formulae to keep you functioning at your best. HealthPost carries the full range of NuZest products.
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NuZest’s products are formulated by leading natural health practitioners and nutritionists from around the world to combine the latest scientific breakthroughs with natural medicine. The formulations are continually being updated as research emerges to ensure consumers are getting the very best product they can, and with each batch being independently tested, you can be assured of their quality.

NuZest’s range includes a number of delicious-tasting and allergy-friendly European pea protein powders, which are alkaline, paleo-friendly and a good source of complete protein for those who may require more in their diets, as well as green powders for both children and adults. Packed with probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, adaptogenic herbs to support the body in times of stress, alongside plenty of fruit and vegetable powders, these cover a wide range of needs in one great-tasting product.

Easy to absorb and easy to use, NuZest has your whole family covered.

Product Reviews

  • Love this product


    My partner and I have been using this product for probably a year now. We take it religiously every morning. We have seen huge improvements in our skin especially, it doesn't get dry, looks glowing etc. My partner has a stressful job and used to look quite run down and tired, but I really believe ensuring he gets all his vitamins and minerals in a day from this has had a huge impact on his health and the way he looks. He always gets comments from people who haven't seen him in a while how healthy he looks now. We take it with water every morning, and we both don't mind the taste at all, eventually you just get used to it. I also drink it with a straw, for some reason that was what helped me get it down in the beginning. Also make sure you stir it really well so there are no clumps. I will buy from healthpost from now on as it is much cheaper than buying in health stores.



  • Taste


    Good taste in a fruit smoothie



  • Different taste


    I like this but it did take a while to get used to the pea protein flavour (vs whey I was used to).



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