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Remifemin is a standardized extract of Black Cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa), a herb with a centuries-old tradition of use for problems relating to women’s hormones, the menstrual cycle and menopause. Remifemin has been used for over 50 years to support women through menopause. Sleep by Remifemin is designed to assist with restful sleep.

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Black Cohosh is a herb in the Ranunculus family native to North America, and has a very long history of traditional use by Native American peoples, who have utilized it for centuries. The root and rhizome are the primary part of the plant used in herbal medicine, and are used for their anti-inflammatory and oestrogen modulating effects.

Remifemin is an extract of Black cohosh that has been extensively studied in the medical literature, with 60 years of use and a strong reputation for its effects on the relief of numerous menopausal symptoms. These include hot flushes, irritability, night sweats, feelings of anxiety and more.

Sleep by Remifemin contains the herbal sedatives Hops, Lemonbalm and Valerian, herbs all well-known for their ability to support restful sleep and relaxation, which can be problematic for menopausal women. It does not contain black cohosh, so can be used safely alongside Remifemin when required.

Product Reviews

  • A Good Nights Sleep


    I got a free trial packet with Remifemin Menopause and so glad I did because I would not have tried it otherwise. It has a mild but noticable relaxation effect, stills a busy mind and I fall off asleep easily and stay asleep all night 90% of the time which is great. My hot flushes rarely break through because I am in a deeper sleep.I highly recommend trying it because good sleep makes such a big difference to your well being. Both my husband and I use it and so glad to have discovered this product.Highly Recommend



  • Great product.


    Hot flushes started reducing after a week taking 1 tablet morning and night. Now at 3 weeks no more hot flushes. Very pleased.



  • Good product for reducing menopause symptoms.


    I have found this product to be good for reducing hot flushes and sure it has also helped sleeping issues at night. Thankyou.



Wellness Blog

  • Hot Flushes: A Symptom of Menopause

    It hits like a searing wave. A hot flush is a sudden rush of heat that makes you want to throw off your clothes and stick your head in the freezer. Hot flushes usually begin […]

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