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Clinicians Bladder Support



RRP: $50.30

You save 31% ($15.80)


RRP: $50.30

You save 31% ($15.80)


RRP: $50.30

You save 31% ($15.80)

Clinicians Bladder Support (was CystoCare) is a research-based formulation containing D-Mannose, which provides nutrient support for healthy urinary tract and bladder function. The powder format ensures rapid absorption and effective action at the sites of bacterial build-up.
The urinary tract is usually quite resistant to bacterial imbalances because the low pH of urine, presence of urea and constant urine flow helps to retard the build-up of potentially harmful bacteria. Chronic recurring bladder imbalances are generally problematic to treat. Determining the underlying cause is important for a successful outcome. Structural abnormalities and environmental and dietary factors such as excessive sugar consumption, food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, and infections should all be considered.
In addition, incomplete emptying of the bladder (age-related), immobility, indequate fluid intake and bowel incontinence may also contribute to the development of imbalances.
A significant feature of recurrent bladder imbalances is the adherence of harmful bacteria to the wall or lining of the urinary tract, including the kidneys and bladder. Sometimes these bacteria can be removed through the process of urination but large volumes of bacteria may be hard to remove this way and this leads to recurrent symptoms. Most natural therapies target this build-up of harmful bacteria and support the body's removal of them.
TAPS Approval Number: PP4446


Adults: Take 2 level 1.25ml measures (using the spoon provided) in water every 3 to 4 hours during waking hours for 48 hours. Thereafter, take ½  to 1 measure once or twice daily for 3 additional days.

Children 4 years and over: Take 1 level 1.25ml measure (using the spoon provided) in water every 3 to 4 hours during waking hours, for 48 hours. Thereafter, take 1/4 to ½ measure once or twice daily for 3 additional days.


Precautions and Contraindications:

Diabetics: The ingredient into this product may cause a small transient increase in blood sugar levels. Levels should rapidly return to normal after individuals cease taking this product.
Pregnancy and Breast Feeding: This product is considered safe to use during these times.
When to consider antibiotics: It UTI treated with CystoCare does not show significant improvement within 24-48 hours (10% of cases), E.coli is not the pathogen. Refer to physician for antibiotic therapy.

Active Ingredients in 2 level 1.25ml measures:

D-Mannose 1500mg

No added: Gluten, dairy, yeast, sugar, artificial colours or preservatives.


Two pharmacists who saw that current modern pharmaceuticals weren’t providing complete care for their patients, decided to develop the Clinicians range. By investigating the results that conventional medicine had on the body, they created a range of research-based formulations to provide important nutrient replacement for the body.

The Clinicians range may help with a variety of health concerns like their ‘Stress, Sleep and Mood’ range and ‘Ills, Chills and Allergies’ range that includes Allerstop developed for effective allergen support. One of their best sellers Rejuvenate with Hyaluronic Acid is a science-based formula for rejuvenation of skin elasticity, stronger nails and shiny hair.

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Clinicians Bladder support Review by
  • star

I bought this for my husband and hoped that it may help with his recurring bladder infections, and it has and he would not be without it now.
He finds it is an alternative to having to have lots of antibiotics.

D-Mannose is Awsome Review by
  • star

D-Mannose has given me back my 'quality of life'. I have suffered from recurrent UTI's for over 6 years, and when I was asking my doctor for a long term low dosage antibiotic she suggested I try this natural product as a preventative instead. It works for me taken on a daily basis and combined with Flora Restore. Definitely recommend it to anyone who suffers from UTI's.
Healthpost's service is awesome too. Thank you.

An incredible product! Thank you! Review by
  • star

Wow, this product works quickly. We'll always have this in our first aid kit as it is so invaluable. It seems to 'head things off' so things don't get out of hand which they can do quickly with UTI when just left. The price is excellent compared to other brands plus it is not the synthetic d-mannose. We were grateful for a prompt arrival of this product as we needed it with some urgency. Please do consider selling it in a larger pottle, thanks..

Fantastic stuff Review by
  • star

This stuff is great. I have been prone to UTI s since I wss a teenager, and was taking preventive antibiotics every day for years. I started taking this as a preventative every night before bed and was able to significantly reduce then cease taking antibiotics. Now I haven't had a UTI in over two years. I recommend it to anyone prone to UTI s!

Helpful in conjunction with other treatment Review by
  • star

I have recurring UTI and have had many kidney infections. It does work to remove the bacteria but you still have to drink plenty of water and it is not immediate relief from the symptoms. I will continue to use this product as a preventative and have used it to clear infections when I don't have other treatments on hand. I find it better to use alongside pain killers or something to neutralise the burning until it starts working. It is easy to injest and has no taste. As a powder it is not that convenient for travelling and taking discreetly. As someone who has tried everything and used to rely on antibiotics completely for this problem, I would recommend this, but also Ethical Nutrients Urinary Tract Support as a fantastic wholistic treatment.

I will always have this remedy on hand Review by
  • star

I have been prone to UTIs for many years now. I have found them difficult to clear and have often had to resort to antibiotics, which usually result in nausea and a dose of thrush! Then I discovered Clinicians Bladder Support. Taken as directed this has eased the discomfort quickly, feeling much better within a couple of days. I now take it as a preventative - 1 scoop morning and night - at the slightest sign of infection. No UTIs for several months now.

Would recommend Review by
  • star

I get on-going UTI's although not all of them show up as an infection, but I still have the constant burning pain and pressure. This has helped big time, I haven't had any problems since.

A literal life saver Review by
  • star

A year ago I developed what I thought was a bog standard, regular, lower UTI (something I very rarely get…maybe once in ten years). Luckily we found the pathogen…e coli. It quickly moved to my kidneys and I became seriously sick. To make things worse, I have an underlying condition of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia. After eight courses of antibiotics the UTI came back with more and more severity (In hind sight, selecting out the easy to kill ecoli and leaving the resistant). I ended up with urosepsis, not that anyone in the nearby hospital noticed….but at least they did give me IV antibiotics. I was discharged in a serious condition and knew I had to do something quickly. Lying in bed, I researched all that I could do to treat myself for both the sepsis and the UTI. I read about D Mannose and added that to other nutritional and supplemental support. I slowly began to get well. However a few months later, after becoming dehydrated, the kidney UTI returned (had multstix to test at home by this stage). I could feel it becoming acute quickly so I took D Mannose, at several times the highest dose recommended, every two to three hours, including through the night, drank three litres of water and cleared the infection in two days (at least obvious signs of it). Since then I have taken the acute dose for weeks and have continued to improve. I plan to continue for the next year to be safe, particularly after reading about biofilms (something that everyone with recurrent UTI's should read). I hope this review will help others.

This has saved my sanity and made m... Review by
  • star

This has saved my sanity and made my life worth living again. No more needs to be said.

This stuff is so awesome! Works eve... Review by
  • star

This stuff is so awesome! Works every time and the best thing antibiotics and their side effects.

Items 1 to 10 of 18 total

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