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Grapefruit Seed Extract


Grapefruit Seed Extract can be used on all bacterial and fungal infections and should be used immediately with the onset of the first symptoms. Grapefruit Seed Extract should be taken while symptoms are present and then for a further 2 days.
See the Directions tab for uses.
Further information can be found in:
The Healing Power of Grapefruit Seed Extract, Published by Lotus Light Shangrilar.
The Authoritative Guide to Grapefruit Seed Extract, Published by LifeRythm.


Colds, Flu, Coughs, Bronchitis, Earache, Urinary tract infections, Worms, Candida:
Mix 10-20 drops GSE in 150 ml of water or juice and take three times a day. (For colds and flu 500mg of Ester Vit. C can be taken additionally).

Sore throat, Tonsillitis:
Mix 3 drops GSE in 100ml water and gargle as often as possible and take GSE as for colds

Vaginal Thrush:
Soak a tampon in 1 tbs. of vegetable oil and 5 drops GSE mixed well together. Insert tampon and leave overnight. Repeat for 3-4 nights. (If thrush occurs regularly see a therapist.)

Vaginal irritation:
Mix 1 tbs. vegetable oil and 5 drops GSE and rub gently on the affected area

Head, Hair, Head lice:
For hair loss, dandruff; dry scalp, scalp irritation Mix 5-10 drops of GSE to each application of shampoo, massage into scalp leave for 2-5 minutes before rinsing well. For lice mix 1 tsp. of GSE with 2 tsp. of Shampoo and leave on scalp for 20 minutes before rinsing.

Rub 5 drops of GSE on wet hands and massage onto affected skin.
For treatment of Candida and other infections use GSE under supervision of a Health professional.


Avoid contact with the eyes!
Keep out of reach of children!
Never use GSE undiluted on the eyes, nose, mouth, ears or other sensitive areas. In the event of contact with these areas, rinse the area thoroughly with water for at least 10 minutes. lf any irritation occurs it may last for up to 48 hours.
Grapefruit Seed Extract 33%
Glycerine 67%

Also Contains: Benzalkonium Chloride

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Excellent product Review by
  • star

As soon as I feel I might be getting sick I take this in a capsule and it's amazing at making symptoms less severe or preventing a virus from taking hold completely.

Awesome product. Review by
  • star

We travel to China every year working at orphanages. Often get tummy bugs and food poisoning etc. GSE always comes to the rescue. Used it on children too to help with bacterial infections - worked well. Highly recommended for travellers.

Does the job, tastes awful. Review by
  • star

Take with juice or in a capsule for sure. Kills the nasties as it's supposed to. Used as part of candida treatment.

First aid must have Review by
  • star

A must have in any first aid kit. Drastically reduced strep throat, stops colds when caught at initial stages. Kids used a little with juice for winter sore throats.
Love it. Never use undiluted!

Great stuff Review by
  • star

I have been using this on and off for the last couple of years, I like to take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach with fruit juice( otherwise it is yucky!!) It sets me up for the day and I do believe it keeps the bugs and germs away in Winter. Whenever I do catch something its because I have stopped taking it - but after a couple of days on it again, I am feeling better again. Just trying it out now with my daughter and her nail fungal infection, applying it twice daily so we will see how that goes. Excellent product!!

It worked with my sinus! Review by
  • star

One day I woke up with an awful sinus headache and after about 10 minutes of taking a large glass of cranberry juice with 10 drops of this, the sinus symptoms and the headache were gone! Very happy with this product. Will recommend to others. :)

Our son took this product to India ... Review by
  • star

Our son took this product to India where he used it on two occasions for severe dysentery. I have since bought a bottle and have had the opportunity of using it myself in the past few weeks. It does not taste very nice but works a charm. Within hours the stomach cramps gone and the dysentery subsided. I will take this product on our next overseas trip. Highly recommend when travelling.

We love this stuff. We use it on ... Review by
  • star

We love this stuff. We use it on a regular basis (approx 10 drops in a glass of water twice daily). Prevents flu, hormonal acne and general well being. Also, we use it topically for small infections, and brush teeth with one drop on top of the regular toothpaste for sensitive gums.

Fantastic potent natural anti-every... Review by
  • star

Fantastic potent natural anti-everything tonic. Very powerful healing for nausea and I also found effective against exhaustion! I felt like I awoke with vibrant energy after a sluggish coma, following a week of upset stomach, headache and hit-by-a-freight-train syndrome.

This is the only thing that has hel... Review by
  • star

This is the only thing that has helped clear up my Bacterial vaginosis. After going on antibiotics from the doctor a couple of times, that did not work I decided to look elsewhere. I use this as it says to use for thrush and repeated for a few days. I am yet to see if it comes back again

Items 1 to 10 of 23 total

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