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Animal Health Products

Animals can be as prone to illness as humans are, and may benefit from nutritional support from time to time. From multivitamins to support for specific health conditions, HealthPost has a variety of solutions for your pet care needs in a range of easy to use, easy to take formats for cats and dogs.

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Animal Health

While many of us focus on the natural health requirements of the human members of our family, acquiring a reasonable number of natural supplements and knowledge on keeping well, our furry friends are often forgotten. However, their health needs can be complex and mirror those of people, from problems with allergies and eczema, fleas and ringworm, to alopecia, arthritis, thyroid disease and more.

Thankfully, we carry a range of products perfectly tailored to the health needs of cats, dogs and even birds. From lotions to multivitamins and tailored remedies for numerous common complaints, there is something for all possible needs.

And if certified organic products are what you're after, PetBalance provide high-quality targeted organic formulations for specific needs, including kelp powder to support normal healthy thyroid function, lecithin for liver, digestive and skin support and glucosamine for joint support as our pets head into old age.

Product Reviews

  • Interesting!


    This is probably a wonderful product, and exactly what my cat needs.... however, I'm pretty sure that squirting it into his mouth (or even nose) 6 times initially, or even 3 times a day, will be fairly impossible.

    The first two doses made the cat very indignant. Now he's kind of hard to get hold of....



  • Recommended for Senior Dogs


    My dog has always had issues with arthritis and I was unsure how to approach this over Winter. I had already heard about mybeau Dental & Breath Support so decided to purchase this as well. Although he still suffers from the occasional limp, he loves the taste of this (I put it on top of a biscuit) and immediately feels the urge to run around afterwards. He LOVES his walks and is always a struggle to see him attempt to walk when he's obviously in pain. This product has helped him and I will continue to buy on a regular basis.



  • Wish I knew about this sooner


    I took in a stray cat who has issues with his teeth that was only noticeable whenever he ate so I only bought him soft food to eat. His breath was also quite rancid (only discovered when he cleans himself or licks me as a sign of gratitude). The vet recommended this product and he can eat biscuits without any discomfort and his breath doesn't smell like death. He has been so much happier since having this and actually enjoys it - I place it next to his food and he always eats if first.



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