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Kolorex Intimate Wash


  • 120ml

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Kolorex Intimate Wash for natural pH balance in intimate areas.

Kolorex Intimate Wash is a soapfree formulation of natural ingredients suitable for daily use.

It is designed to cleanse, freshen and prevent irritation in intimate areas, especially when microflora are out of balance. Most soaps are very alkaline and wash away our skin's protective acid shield. Kolorex Intimate Wash is formulated, with lactic acid, to a natural and healthy pH of 4.5.

It contains the scientifically studied herbal extract Kolorex Horopito for micro flora balance along with aloe vera to soothe, replenish and condition. Kolorex Intimate Wash is recommended for use in conjunction with Kolorex Intimate Care Cream or for daily use.


Apply 2-3 pumps by hand or sponge while showering. Rinse well with water.  For external use only. Not recommended for use inside the vaginal canal.
The cleansing extracts may cause a brief sensation of warmth upon application.


Do not use this product if you have known sensitivity to any of the ingredients. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Avoid contact with eyes.

Allergy test

Prior to use, apply on a small area (inner wrist) and wait a minimum of 24 hours. If your skin reacts with discomfort or irritation do not use this product.

Sodium lauryl glucose carboxylate (corn and coconut derived)
Coco glucoside (coconut and fruit sugar derived)
Sodium magnesium silicate (silicate clay)
Vegetable glycerine
Dehydroacetic acid and benzyl alcohol
Lactic acid
Kolorex Horopito leaf extract and Olive oil
Xanthan gum
Lemon tea tree leaf oil
Tea tree leaf oil
Aloe vera leaf extract


Ongoing scientific studies show the Horopito plant has many useful qualities, including natural healing properties that may help with controlling the growth of the fungus Candida albicans. The compound polygodial, which is found in Horopito, has powerful antifungal characteristics and is the fundamental active ingredient.

Fungal infections can be exacerbated by excessive stress, consuming too much sugar or sugar-based drinks and an unhealthy diet. These infections can occur in intimate areas, like under breasts and the groin areas for either men or women.

Korolex products contain no artificial preservatives, parabens, synthetic fragrances or animal products ensuring a gentle and soothing experience.

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Kolorex 女性私处洗液专为女性设计,平衡私处菌群,对抗霉菌性阴道炎,抗菌止痒不刺激私处皮肤。配方中独特添加乳酸成份,乳酸是女性敏感部位的天然保护重要原素,能抑制有害细菌生长及有效预防感染。其中蕴含的杏仁油、芦荟和维生素E ,能有效平衡敏感部位的皮肤自然pH酸碱值,舒缓敏感部位的敏感情況。让女性时时刻刻都洁净清爽。


  • 天然草本植物精华配合茶树油、芦荟及柠檬叶油制成。
  • 不含合成防腐剂和香料,矿物油和对羟基苯甲酸酯。
  • 呵护女性敏感部位,杀减细菌消除异味。


  • 有效舒缓湿疹、皮肤炎、皮疹等问题。
  • 高度抗菌、止痒及有效修复皮肤健康。
  • 有效解决女性敏感部位的细菌感染及念珠菌增生。


  • 乳酸
  • 柠檬茶树精油
  • 杏仁油
  • 芦荟提取物




  • 使用前用应仔细阅读标签;
  • 请勿将其放置在儿童可触及的地方;
  • 请存放于避光、干燥、不高于25摄氏度的地方;
  • 如有不适,请立即停止使用并咨询专业人士;
  • 本品只适用于外用,避免进入眼睛。


  • 月桂基葡糖羧酸钠

  • 椰子糖苷

  • 硅酸钠镁

  • 蔬菜甘油

  • 脱氢乙酸和苄醇

  • 乳酸

  • Kolorex Horopito叶提取物和橄榄油

  • 黄原胶

  • 柠檬茶树叶油

  • 茶树叶油

  • 芦荟叶提取物




自1985年以来,森林草药研究有限公司就一直在利用新西兰本土草本植物(Pseudowintera colorata)这一当地原始植物,来研究其抗真菌功效。


在创始人彼得·巴特勒(Peter Butler)的原始有机农场里,古老的草药Horopito一直是我们研究的重点。为此,我们开发了大面积的horopito养殖基地,并研发出了对抗白色念珠菌特别有效的品种。






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I love this stuff,been using it for a few months now.... i use the intimate wash and cream afterwards, great for after shaving, it really soothes the skin and stops any rashes and ingrowns from forming. Highly recommended. Well priced as well.

Great safe pleasant product to use! Review by
  • star

This product is amazing, smells good, works well, I feel safe with it (no nasty chemicals). Great alternative to all dodgy intimate washes on the market. Thank you

A definitely must Review by
  • star

Loved using this product - felt so fresh and clean afterwards. No irritation whatsoever - coming from someone who has very sensitive skin. Thanks for developing such a lovely feminine hygiene product!

3 Item(s)

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Product Highlights

  • Daily herbal wash
  • Soothe, replenish and condition 
  • Free from parabens and synthetic preservatives
  • Cleanse, freshen and prevent irritation in intimate areas


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