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LifeStream Cleanse - Healthy Bowel Cleansing Kit - Powder and Liquid


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RRP: $66.40

You save 11% ($7.30)


RRP: $66.40

You save 11% ($7.30)

Lifestream Cleanse Healthy Bowel Support Kit is a one-stop pack that combines three cutting edge food supplements to help you gently remove waste material, heavy metals and environmental toxins that may be stored in fat deposits in the body.

Detoxification is a natural, daily cleansing process, used by our body everyday to remove these toxins. Toxins or waste products that are not removed are stored in the body. The body’s natural ability to detoxify itself properly is dependant on functioning at an optimum level. The natural superfoods in Lifestream Cleanse support the bodies own internal recycling and removing process. Lifestream Cleanse naturally purifies, nourishes and cleans out your insides.

Lifestream Aloe Vera is often referred to by scientists as ‘the extraordinary healing plant’. Lifestream Biogenic aloe vera juice helps settle bloating in the tummy, gut and bowel. It soothes the lining of the stomach and intestines as a powerful natural digestive tonic. Just take two tablespoons in water first thing in the morning and last thing at night.
Lifestream BowelBiotics+ is a unique combination of all-natural psyllium husks, prebiotics and probiotics that helps to eliminate food and other body wastes whilst maintaining bowel health. Lifestream BowelBiotics+ is the most popular bowel formula in the UK. Lifestream BowelBiotics+ contains fibre to gently move waste through the bowel which helps you to go more than just once daily, prebiotics; to feed and nourish your good intestinal bacteria, and probiotics; for maintaining a healthy intestinal balance.
Just take one or two teaspoons of powder in water in the morning and before bed.
Lifestream Chlorella is a microscopic plant with the highest concentration of chlorophyll, which has very strong cleansing and detoxifying properties.  Often referred to as a blood tonic, chlorophyll helps your body eliminate wastes from the bowel and assists the liver in the removal of toxins. Chlorella has been used all over the world as a preeminent support food for the removal of toxins from the human body. Many toxins are stored in the lipid or fat areas of the human body that can be very challenging to get to. Lifestream Chlorella chelates and removes heavy metal toxins, has cracked cell walls to scrub the colon, helps to cleanse the blood as well as the liver, and is the richest food source of chlorophyll and vitamin D - the sunshine vitamin that many of us are so deficient in.
So who could benefit from taking lifestream cleanse?
  • anyone suffering irregularity
  • digestive upsets
  • bloating
  • wind
  • have bad breath
  • feel sluggish and tired
  • skin troubles
  • those looking for better weight management

What is so unique about lifestream cleanse pack?

  • A - You get your aloe vera to help with any bloating and to give you that soothing, calming start to the day.
  • B - BowelBiotics+ gives you the fibre to help you go more than once daily and the prebiotics and probiotics for good healthy intestinal balance. Many other bowel products contain sugars and artificial sweeteners.
  • C - Chlorella gives you the richest source of chlorophyll and vitamin D ‘the sunshine vitamin’ as well as a range of natural vitamins and minerals. 
  • Only natural ingredients - no sugars, flavours or preservatives.
Taking Lifestream Cleanse, alongside a fresh, balanced diet, will support everyday energy and vitality for a more healthful you.


Step A
Aloe vera juice; take 2 tablespoons in a glass of water, first thing at night (best on an empty stomach).
Step B
Bowel Biotics+ powder; take 2 teaspoons mixed well into a large glass of water, away from meals
Step C
Chlorella mini-tablets; take 5 with breakfast and 5 with lunch.  This can be increased to 10 with each meal if desired.
It is that easy.
Remember, you can take more or less of any of these Lifestream products as suits your particular system.
This product is shelf-stable - This product does not require refrigeration – read about our Heat Sensitive Product Policy here.



Lifestream Cleanse is not meant to prevent, mitigate, diagnose or cure any disease condition.  As with anything taken by mouth, diabetics should monitor their blood sugar levels when using aloe vera as medication may require adjusting.  If symptoms persist, or if you are under specialist medical supervision, please seek the advice of your healthcare professional. We recommend Lifestream Cleanse to support and stimulate the body's own natural healing mechanism and we recommend it to be part of, and not a replacement for, a healthy and balanced diet.  Variety is after all, the spice of life! Take as directed.
 Lifestream Biogenic Aloe Vera Juice (99.7% Pure)
Each 1mL Contains:
Aloe barbadensis inner gel juice 997mg
Also contains:
Citric acid anhydrous
Potassium sorbate
Sodium benzoate (essential to stabilise the nutritionally active compounds)
Lifestream Bowel Biotics Powder
Psyllium Husks (69%)
Inulin Probiotics (30%)
Probiotic cultures (lactobacillus plantarium, Lactobacillius rhamnosus, Lactobacillus bulgaaricus, Lactobacillius acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum).
100% natural. No Polydextrose, maltodextrin, sorbitol, sugar, phytate, preservative, artifical flavours or colours, wheat, gluten or GM ingredients.
Lifestream Chlorella 200mg mini-tablets
Each tablet contains 200mg pure Outdoor Grown Chlorella.
Lifestream guarantee no synthetic binders, fillers or additives.


Being the first to bring Spirulina ‘down under’ in the 1980s, LifeStream launched their Aloe Vera products soon after. Along with the Spirulina range (tablets, powder and capsules) Aloe Vera still remains one of their most popular products. LifeStream also offers Alkalising green powders, antioxidant supplements and a range of immune support products.

Not all vitamin supplements are created equal; in fact many dietary supplements are synthetically produced. LifeStream only uses the best ingredients from Mother Nature that keep in line with their wholefood philosophy. They pride themselves on high integrity, sourcing premium quality ingredients around the world from ethical, sustainable sources - organic where it is the best option available.

Lifestream’s plant-based real food supplements unlock the power of nature so our bodies can easily absorb the natural nutrients. This is why they are known in the natural health world as specialists and reason that LifeStream is one of the most highly recommended brands.

Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us! If we can help in any way please contact us using the details below.

Email: [email protected]

Australia Free Phone: 1800 040 156

Other Countries Phone: +64 3 265 9758

Live Chat: Between the hours of 7:30am – 8pm AEST

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dissapointed Review by
  • star

I am on day 3 and so far nothing has changed at all am quite disappointed by that. Am still hopeful as I carry on that at least my bowel habits will change and become more regular. I would have appreciated a few recipe suggestions and stricter guidelines with the package.

Very helpful Review by
  • star

Have noticed an improvement in bowel movement and felt energised and less lethargic. Would definitely re-order from time to time whenever I am in need of a bowel detox. I didn't realise that it was also supposed to help people lose weight, that was not my primary aim. Just to keep my bowels working functionally well.

I don't really know if this helped ... Review by
  • star

I don't really know if this helped or maybe it did in a way I didn't notice? No weight loss

I highly recommend this product to ... Review by
  • star

I highly recommend this product to anyone that does not have regular bowel movement. I was a 2-3 times a week person, but now I'm an everyday person. It took a good 2 weeks before the stuff started working on me but it is totally with it in the end.

After two weeks I'm sad to report n... Review by
  • star

After two weeks I'm sad to report no weight loss or noticeable difference in bowel movements, so perhaps I'm not quite so full of crap afterall! I didn't have any major issues in this area to start with, but was nevertheless hoping for a miracle cleanout. I will keep going with these products as the routine is good for me and I know they're doing some good, even if it is invisible. It has arguably reduced a few cravings, but that?s all.

Excellent! On the 3rd day my bowel ... Review by
  • star

Excellent! On the 3rd day my bowel movements were well calmed and "normal". I stopped taking the Diamide. On the 5th day I didn't feel bloating or pain & felt my stomach muscles. The free Aloe-Peppermint took care of the acids. I can't wait to see through the whole coarse and get rid of the Losec and bad breath. For 3 years undiagnosed chronic diarrhea, I forgot what was the feeling of "normal". Thanks, STP!

Fab detox kit. I followed the instr... Review by
  • star

Fab detox kit. I followed the instructions exactly and actually lost 6kgs in 2 weeks. Weight loss was not the aim (but a great bonus).I stopped the 9am and 4pm coffee cravings. When the alarm clock went off at 545am each day, I had no issues with getting up. The bags under my eyes started to disappear too.

7 Item(s)

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Product Highlights

  • With Aloe Vera, Bowel Biotics & Chlorella
  • Purifies, nourishes and cleans out your insides
  • Can be used daily, weekly or monthly


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