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Mooncup Mooncup - Smarter Sanitary Protection


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Due to the nature of this product we are unable to accept returns.

The Mooncup is the original silicone menstrual cup designed by women to be a convenient, safe and eco-friendly alternative to tampons and sanitary pads. Loved by women all around the world, and made in the UK by a multi-award winning ethical business, the Mooncup menstrual cup offers an end to the waste, discomfort and expense of disposable sanitary protection.

Made from soft medical grade silicone, the Mooncup is latex-free and contains no dyes, BPA, toxins or bleaches. It’s also great for women with sensitive skin. Tampons can cause dryness and leave fibres behind. The Mooncup is designed to respect your natural balance.

As part of their commitment to producing the highest quality menstrual cup on the market today and supporting users and distributors with the best customer service, Mooncup have had their company headquarters successfully assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of the ISO 13485:2003 and EN ISO 13485:2012 standard for the manufacture and distribution of menstrual cups.

On average, one woman will use over 11,000 tampons or pads in their lifetime, which will end up in landfill or in the sea.

One woman uses up to 22 items of sanitary protection every period. Regardless of your flow, you only need one Mooncup, and it lasts for years and years, making it the most economical sanitary product you can buy.

How to determine the size for you:
(Please select your size carefully.  Due to the nature of this product we are unable to accept returns.)

SIZE A is for:
Recommended for those who are 30 and over, and all who have given birth vaginally regardless of age.

SIZE B is for:
Recommended for those under the age of 30 who have not given birth vaginally.

For more info including Advice, FAQs and Testimonials please visit


In some instances an IUD/IUS may be dislodged when used in conjunction with a Mooncup. If you choose to use the Mooncup with an IUD/IUS and think your IUD/IUS is causing pain or suspect it has moved, use another form of contraception such as a condom and have your IUD/IUS checked by a medical professional. 

It is not recommend to clean the holes of your Mooncup with a pin. 

Microwave steam cleaning is also not recommend.

To view the sizing guideline visit the Mooncup website:

The Mooncup is made from medical grade silicone and is latex free and contains no dyes, BPA, toxins or bleaches.

It is suitable for women with sensitive skin or allergies.


The average woman has around 400 menstrual periods in her lifetime, and as such, female sanitary products are big business – and might place a huge burden on the environment.

The cost to a woman’s health can also be high, with many mainstream tampons containing traces of dioxin, bleaches and other toxins that may leach into the body. Mooncup menstrual cups help solve all of these issues – they are reusable, can last around a decade, are made of non-leaching surgical grade silicone, and minimize the cost to the environment. Worn similarly to a tampon, they work by catching menstrual flow rather than absorbing it, meaning the vaginal environment is kept healthy and not dried out.

Mooncup can be used in any place and situation, are hygienic and simple to use, and come in two different sizes to suit all bodies.

Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us! If we can help in any way please contact us using the details below.

Email: [email protected]

Australia Free Phone: 1800 040 156

Other Countries Phone: +64 3 265 9758

Live Chat: Between the hours of 7am – 3pm AEST

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Mooncup Review by
  • star

Excellent, much more convenient, practical and comfortable than the other common options.

Love it! Review by
  • star

With a bit of practice easy to use. NO leakage issues.
Love my Moon Cup. I'm converted.

Love it! Review by
  • star

I am very happy with my Moon Cup. Found it pretty easy to get the hang of. No leakage issues which with tampons and pads is a problem for me. I am truly converted.

My second mooncup :) Review by
  • star

FYI my last mooncup lasted EIGHT years. I'm a total convert and have found myself converting friends. I should get a commission :)

The best discovery ever! Review by
  • star

This has to be the best invention ever. It is comfortable and so easy to use, you don't know it's there (but obviously it is). So convenient when going away, if I am away from home I make sure I have a small bottle of water with me and all is good. Perfect for swimming and sooo much better for the environment, I can not say enough positive things about this beauty.

Wouldnt use anything else Review by
  • star

Mooncup I have used for ten years. Easy to insert, i found inserting and leaving up higher feels more comfortable with vagina muscles. I use pads and pantyliners with it as heavy flow sometimes, brings good awareness to flow. Cannot even get dry horrible tampons in now. Easy to deal with and clean if left in longer. I wish these for teen girls to be more aware of body's flow and get past the icky factor. So glad I tried it.

Well worth trying Review by
  • star

I have only used the mooncup once, so still getting used to it. But love the fact of less bulky pads and no tampons. I still use a lite pad as not confident yet to not use them. Will definitely not go back to the old ways.

So good for the environment! Review by
  • star

I have been using a mooncup for a couple of years but I have just brought one for my daughter for her 18th Birthday. After a day or two of her getting used to it and cutting the stem to the right length, she is finding it easy to use now and is very happy she is no longer having to contribute to the landfill with sanitary rubbish, not to mention saving money. My Daughter is now telling all her friends to get one. They are awesome!

I love it! Review by
  • star

Once I knew more about TSS I was really keen to find something better for me that wasn't a yucky pad, the moon cup seemed really interesting to me. I looked up a lot of reviews before I decided to buy 1 myself.I was really amazed that an NZ site had these. this site was awesome 1st time shopper and would absolutely recommend I received my items within 2 days of ordering them. Reading reviews really helped me to know what I was in for. It was a breeze to be honest, my period flew by. the 1st day I had it in near the end of the day I felt quite sore around that area and realised the stem was jabbing me, so I looked it up and seen a lot of people snip the whole stem off, 1st I made sure I could get it out without the stem which I easily could by slightly pushing and then grab the bottom of it. I then cut the stem right off and had no further annoyance and couldn't feel it after that. so all round I will never go back to tampons or pads! this product is awesome! :)

Save the planet Review by
  • star

I really like the idea of the moon cup and it's great for night time use. I hate pads and I worry about what a tampon is doing to your insides overnight (that's probs a bit neurotic). so its a great alternative. Now I just have to get use to getting it out. Any tips ?

Items 1 to 10 of 37 total

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Product Highlights

  • Up to 8 hours protection
  • Reusable and lasts for years
  • Just one Mooncup covers light to super plus days

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