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Candida /Thrush Specials

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Product Reviews

  • Great Product!!


    I suffered with chronic thrush (Candida) for 2 years. I would have a flare up every single month just before my period. Tried everything the doctor suggested; then all sort of weird and wonderful diets/remedies but to no avail. I have been taking these tablets for 2 months now and have had 2 periods with no thrush preceding them!!!!! I started taking them when I was actually suffering from thrush and taking 2 a day cleared it up, I went down to taking 1 a day after about a week. This feels like a miracle for me. Hope it continues!!!



  • Bad allergic reaction


    I used the Flora Restore for two weeks, when I came out in a serious allergic rash, which my doctor described as "dramatic". It covered my jaw, neck and chest, was bright red, lumpy and very itchy. I looked up Google and it said it was a very bad reaction and I should contact my doctor immediately. I waited four days before I did this, when I realised the only different thing I had taken was Flora Restore. He prescribed prednisone, and I came out in a different rash for that. I take quite a lot of medications, but none were mentioned as being harmful if taken with Flora Restore. On the plus side, it seems to have fixed my vaginitis.



  • Candaid effectiveness


    I've always had a problem with vaginal thrush, but find if I have Candaid once a day it keeps me healthy and free of thrush. A good product with all the necessary ingredients to deal with it.



Wellness Blog

  • When Thrush Keeps Coming Back

    Three out of four women will experience a vaginal yeast infection at some point in their lifetime. This problem, known as vaginal thrush, is caused by an overgrowth of the yeast Candida in the vagina.  […]

  • Horopito for digestive health

    The bugs that live in your gut are now widely recognised as being essential not only for the health of the gut itself, but for wider good health.  The so called gut “microbiome” (the sum […]

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