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Worms / Parasites Specials

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Product Reviews

  • Disappointed


    I expected better results from this product after reading such positive feedback. Unfortunately it didn't do anything for me other than increase my wind, bloating and discomfort. It made me quite constipated Possibly coincidental and nothing to do with this product but I noticed rapid weight gain into the second week of taking it. I guess there's always someone a product doesn't benefit. Can't fault Health Post's great service though:)



  • Incredible, it really works!


    Have used this a few times now and it definitely works! A client recommended it to me after she got sick while travelling overseas. After becoming incredibly weak, loosing weight, loosing hair & thinning skin and being seen by 2 specialists who had no idea what was wrong, she went to an iridologist who told her she had parasites in her liver and to take this. Within 48 hours she was feeling 90% better and her recovery was very fast. The specialists told her to keep taking it as her test we're all coming back to "normal".
    I does taste pretty bad but it's worth it for the results everyone should do a course of this at least once a year, especially if you're a traveler or you have animals!



  • Love this Herb for menopause


    Fantastic herb for menopause symptoms , seems to lesson the hot flushes with me, and when i have run out which isn't very often the flushes are way worse. The oil is a great price and delivery is always fast, recommend this product to all women.



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