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Product Reviews

  • a staple in my cabinate


    I use this oil to mixed with other oils to make my own body oil, this oil's quality is very good.

    It is a thicker and heavier oil and would be too heavy to use on it's own but mixed in with other oil it makes the mixed oil more moisturising. I add less in the warmer weather and more into the mix during the colder months when you need something heavier in the winter.

    I really enjoy this oil and would order again.
    I find mixing my own body oil more moisturising than any thick goopy body cream out there, it leaves my skin more supple and moisturised and cheaper in the long run than store bought body cream.

    I mixes, avocado oil with almond oil, rosehip oil and whatever else I want to add for the season. It's all good!



  • great product


    This product is excellent, I can even apply it around my eyes as it doesn’t seem to be creeping in.



  • Nice


    The scent is not for me. I adore the wild rose skincare range and body wash but this smells much more traditional rose like rather than the wild rose. You'll either love it or hate it. Nice oil though - leaves skin beautifully soft - use twice a day for best results and dry body brushing in combination with weleda body oils leave me with the silkiest skin I've ever had.



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