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Product Reviews

  • At last one I really like!


    I am 30, with a fragile skin which doesn't like the sun, and tends to have early wrinkles, especially around the eyes. I tried all sort of eye cream since 4 years, and I've never bought twice the same because I wasn't really satisfied. All the creams I tried where organics, or at least with lot of natural products, with no silicones or paraben for example. I tried expensive one and cheap ones. It never made miracle. This gel is the first I really liked: no miracle but better skin, absolutely divine sensation when I apply it. I've got the impression other cream are too rich when this one is just what I need. I finished the bottle in approx. 3 months. After that, I used another cream (which I already have), but I find my skin getting worse, so now I order a new one from the herb farm, I think it's definitely what suits the best for me at the moment. Only small negative point: be careful to not apply too much if you want to wear make up, because it tends to peel a bit.



  • We're pals.


    I started using this eye cream about 4 months ago when I realised that the fine lines in the corners of my eyes were a little more permanent than I had initially realised. I'm a squinting, frowning, eye-rubber and stomach/side sleeper from way back and while there is nothing much that will make those lines I have inflicted on my poor eye-area disappear (barring needles and scalpels etc,) I wanted a product that was a) inexpensive, and therefore not a financial commitment before I could figure out if it worked or not, and b) would actually help me stop destroying my face one itchy eye, disapproving stare or dream-filled night at a time. This wicked stuff ticks both of those boxes. It is a lovely cream that feels light but also substantial at the same time and it has helped to fill out some of the finer lines around the corners of my eyes and reduce the dreaded 'dark puffies' in my under-eye area in a way that I was completely unprepared for. A little goes a very, very long way, in that one full pump of this cream would probably be enough for twice daily application for me for at least a fortnight. It shares the same delightful scent that all Sukin products in this range have. Luckily enough it also hasn't irritated my dermatitis-prone eyelids to flare up in stinging, itching, anger, which is impressive considering that the another gentle cleanser I used the other day had me looking like I had been crying for about 4 hours straight.



  • Finally found a product that works!


    This is the first Trilogy product I have tried, and after trying a number of different products to reduce the dark circles under my eyes I can happily say this one ACTUALLY WORKS. After using it for 4 days I am really starting to see results.. and I've only been applying it once a day in the morning before my makeup routine. My dark circles are getting lighter, there are less creases/wrinkles and the whole under-eye area is less saggy, and tighter/more plump - not in a puffy way but in a youthful way! Putting makeup on is easier, and at the end of the day the concealer under my eyes is still smooth with no movement or creasing. I can't express how happy I am after pretty much giving up on the idea that a product like this would work. I was starting to think the only thing that would give a noticeable difference would be under-eye injections but thank god I don't need that now!



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