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Product Reviews

  • works well


    Maca Root caps definitely stopped my hot flushes and gives me more energy. Capsules are easy to take too.



  • Really effective!


    I have been taking Maca Powder 3-4 times per week for almost four weeks now. I started taking it for hormonal balance as I suffer from severe premenstrual stress. I am premenstrual now and am definitely noticing a difference. I am not so irritable and depressed. Even my husband has noticed a change in my attitude. A friend of mine takes Maca Powder but a different brand and she says it tastes awful. BioBalance Maca Powder has a nice malty flavour. I highly recommend this product.



  • I LOVE my Maca's!


    Having the onset of premenopausal symptoms.... training for my first marathon, and having the usual busy life style, I have found the BioBalance Maca Root to give me energy during the day (also work as a beekeepers assistant... physical job!)
    My moods have balanced (not perfectly but a goal to always aspire to ;-) )
    My night sweats have gone and as luck would have it, every time I go to reorder them, HealthPost have them on special.
    How does it get better than that I ask.



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