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Product Reviews

  • Works better than other tablets I've tried


    I have tried tart cherry capsules, resveratrol plus tart cherry and l tryptophen tablets. l tryptophen used to work quite well for me getting and staying asleep but then after many years seemed ineffective. The other capsules with tart cherry helped a bit but were not strong enough. The best thing for me now is 5-htp 2 capsules with a bit of soya milk at night. They enable sleep quite easily.



  • Excellent Product and Service


    An excellent product. Has improved my sleep immensley though most nights I do have to take another dose at some stage, and thats okay as I no longer lie awake with an overactive mind. Has made me more relaxed and less anxious. Am very happy with the results, and the delivery is overnight. Excellent all round!!



  • Assisted with CRPS


    I have CRPS (Complex regional Pain Syndrome), I have used this product over the last 18 months at night before bed and found that my sleep pattern improved and the constant pain was reduced in the morning and slowly increased through out the day. I have moved to another brand only because of the level I now need to take to get my pain back under control and this brand doesn't have the mg's in the ratios that I currently need. There is no side effects of foggy brain or a dry mouth like the prescription medications gave me. I was more able to cope with general life stresses and that is a big deal for someone with CRPS. Anyone who has CRPS I would recommend that you do some research on the levels that you can take to get on top of the pain and consult with your dr.



Wellness Blog

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    Out of Africa While we may all be ‘the same’ on the inside, these insides of ours have many different ways of letting us know when something is out-of-balance with our biochemistry.  For instance, if […]

  • 5-HTP – What is it?

    What is 5-HTP? 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) in supplemental form is sourced from the seeds of the plant, Griffonia simplicifolia, native to Central and West Africa, usually in doses between 50mg and 400mg. 5-HTP is a precursor […]

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