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Chinese Summer Essentials Specials

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Product Reviews

  • Amazing


    I suffered BV and the thrush that comes with antibiotics, plus UTI's for near on 6years. Sooo many antibiotics that I became immune to them and nothing at all made any difference. I've tried the Candex one which helped but didn't fix it. I took this on the advice of a chemist lady and took 2 per day for 2 months then weaned down to 1 per day. I haven't had any flare ups in more than 7 months.



  • Really nice....


    I really love this moisturiser. It is very light and doesn't make your face feel oily. I have been using their Juliet Skin Brightening cleanser too which I also love. I always use natural products and do try to take care of my skin but these two products seem to have upped the anti somewhat and my skin does actually look more radiant (well, I think it does anyway :) Would happily use again however I seem to be going through it more quickly than other brands and with the price that it is I might have to re think buying it again when I run out....we'll see.



  • Relieves a constant itch.


    Kolorex Intimate Care Cream does what it says and stops that dreadful itching but don,t think it is an actual cure but relief from the itch is really good. The only downside I find is the rather strong herb fragrance which I think is the tea tree. I will continue to use it.



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