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Activated Charcoal Specials

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Product Reviews

  • Works Wonders


    I always have a bottle of this in the cupboard. In fact I take a couple of tablets with me when I go out for dinner in a small container as well. I have leaky gut syndrome and a lot of foods cause me trouble. Mostly I avoid them but often when you are out it is difficult to do so. I can rely on this Charcoal to settle my stomach down. Also when my son was young, he developed an intolerance to wheat. Before we had worked out what it was that was causing him such terrible stomach pains, I found the only cure was Charcoal Tablets. After he took two of them, the pain dissipated within about 10 minutes. It has really worked wonders when we needed it.



  • Charcoal - Nature's Pharmacy


    Every family should have activated charcoal in their medicine cabinet. It is a fantastic detoxifier and is on hand whenever we get tummy upsets, from dodgy foods eaten or just off colour. Pop one or two capsules and it settles your stomach, often relieving diahorrea without having to take the usual anti-diahorrea tablets. BUT ... be careful if you are tasking other medications as it will interfere or null and void their actions. If you are taking other meds it would pay to check with your doctor or pharmacist. But generally, a great thing to have handy. Hospitals use charcoal when there are drug overdoses so it must work.



  • Amazing Product


    Amazing product for bloating and sore stomachs due to food allergies or IBS. Great product for use when overseas when your stomach is playing up.



Wellness Blog

  • Activated charcoal – the allrounder!

    Activated charcoal has honeycomb like characteristics which give it a very large surface area and makes it highly adsorptive. This term means that when taken internally the product draws gases and toxins present in the […]

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