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Magnesium Specials

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Product Reviews

  • disappointing


    Thought I was buying a higher dose as more bang for my buck - turns out it's only 300mg elemental magnesium. Wish I'd known this before purchasing. Won't buy again.



  • Excellent product


    After moving to a city with fluoridated/chlorinated water my health went downhill, with "asthma", digestive issues and hypothyroid (the latter backed up by blood tests). Conventional medicine as usual, had no clue and I was put on inhalers. Symptoms included a really tight chest and inability to relax properly, constant bad moods. I researched for months and even tried mag supplements a couple of times to no avail. Had a breakthrough with this product - chest tension disappeared and am now rebuilding my Mg stores slowly. this product also contains Vit D and selenium - altho you may wish to also supplment with more selenium, also Calcium & potassium with the Mag. Research Mag deficiency - its ver common and you may be surprised to find that you have it. Mag is notoriously non bio-available depending on type and co-supplementation. This product may have saved my life.



  • MagSorb is the very best products of it's kind.


    Both my husband and I have heart issues and have suffered from leg cramps, we tried several magnesium tablets, which didn't help the cramps at all. Only 2 years ago did we find this product and use it every evening after our shower. Applying it on the tops of our feet. It works instantly as I'm sure you will find.
    My husband has some heart issues while overseas and one of the things they found was very low magnesium levels, so on returning home he started using MagSorb regularly and several times during the past 2 years, he has had a blood test to see how his levels are now, they are still showing normal levels.



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