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Stevia Powder & Liquid

Have no fear, you can still have your cake and eat it too with the help of Stevia herb. We’re all aware that refined white sugar does not feature on a healthy food list, but stevia sweetens without the negative effects of sugar and is 100% natural - with zero calories. 

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Stevia Info

This South American herb has been used traditionally to sweeten tea and in herbal medicines for hundreds of years; and now you can enjoy the benefits too. Stevia is becoming a popular natural sweetener and, as it is 300 times sweeter than sugar, a small amount goes a long way.

Stevia Benefits

As well as sweetening treats, stevia has some other surprising health benefits. It’s chock-full of phytonutrients, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory compounds. Therefore when Stevia is added to shampoo it may help manage dandruff, when used in a mouthwash it could be beneficial for bad breath and gum health, and it also contains retinoic acid, which has been used topically to help keep skin looking young and beautiful.

Product Reviews

  • Good as a sweetener but not for baking


    I have used this product to sweeten plain yoghurt and kefir and it works fine. However I used it to bake some cookies and it leaves an unpleasant slightly bitter aftertaste.



  • Great products, the liquid version.


    I have used the spoonable form of Stevia before and am very pleased to see its now at HealthPost. I bought the bulk 454gm size which lasted for months. I 'decanted' it into a purse sized container for convenience.
    I use Stevia mainly to sweeten coffee, tea, or other homemade cold drinks, and the powder sprinkled lightly over stewed fruit and such. It blends quickly, with very little of that lingering sweet aftertaste found in other sugar substitutes. I think it is best added AFTER cooking. Cooking seems to give a slightly bitter taste. An eighth teaspoon of Stevita powder is about equal to a full teaspoon of granulated white sugar.
    I have also used both Stevita dissolvable pills and the liquid form. The pills are great and convenient but the liquid ...... g-r-r-r-r.. The 4 drops required came either too fast or too slow; after a few uses it stuck in the nozzle of the dropper bottle dispenser, which blocked with dried liquid; the nozzle became impossible to remove for the same reason. More trouble than it was worth. Go for the pills or the powder!



  • Stevia


    Omgosh this stuff amazing so recommend to others so much better than sugar in health wise an tastes fantastic



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  • Stevia: A sweet and healthy alternative

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