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Black Seed

Black seed (Nigella sativa), also known as black cumin seed, is a plant in the ranunculus family that has grown in popularity in recent years, as awareness of its use in herbal medicine has increased. Generally used as an oil, it can be added to smoothies and food and has a pleasant flavour reminiscent of cumin.

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Black Seed Info

With its use dating back to Ancient Egypt, black seed is a herb whose popularity has soared throughout human history thanks to its dual uses as a culinary herb and as a herbal remedy. Native to the Asian continent, it has been used by many cultures over millennia to support a number of body systems and functions.

Many of these traditional applications are still popular today, including possibly supporting the maintenance of healthy blood pressure and cholesterol, providing support for healthy pancreatic function, for the body’s detoxification systems, and is a firm favourite for those needing potent support for the immune system. Given its many varied uses in food and healthcare throughout the world and throughout the centuries, it is unsurprising to see the popularity of this herb surging again today.

Product Reviews

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    I bought these capsules for my daughter who is very fussy with taking supplements and would not take real oil (teaspoon in the morning, teaspoon at night). Over a course of taking the Black Seed oil capsules, there was absolutely no improvement or any effect.
    I have tried this product myself too. I take it for my skin conditions. But since the seeds just simply go straight through the system, they don't nourish or enter the blood stream. So no effect from it.
    I strongly recommend proper Black Seed oil. It helps with the skin, depression and immune system.



  • Gel caps version much better


    I have tried these and feel the gel caps 500mg 90 capsules to be much more effective, I would not purchase this dried version again.
    Hope HealthPost will stock the Amazing Herbs brand gel caps instead.



  • Amazing stuff.


    Cleared up my arthritis like nothing else! ... Do some research online, this stuff is amazing!



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