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Colon Cleanse Products

Your colon is, in effect, a brilliant waste treatment system. By absorbing important nutrients and fluids, then routinely eliminating waste products, your body is nourished and protected. As a vital part of your digestive health, if your colon isn’t functioning perfectly, you may feel lethargic and experience constipation, diarrhoea or excessive gas. Consider the use of colon cleansing natural health supplements to support colon health.

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Colon Cleanse Info

Nutrient depleted and low-fibre diets, dehydration, lack of exercise, toxic chemicals and chronic stress can impact the health of the colon. An overburdened colon increases the accumulation of toxins in our bodies. This stagnation, which if left uncorrected, could lead to serious health problems and degenerative diseases.

Colon Cleanse Benefits

A healthy colon makes for a happier, healthier you. Alongside eating nutrient and fibre-rich, whole foods and getting enough exercise, supplementing with a natural colon cleansing product could be an ideal way to get your colon health back on track. You could consider using psyllium husks as an excellent way to add some extra natural fibre into your diet.

Product Reviews

  • Won't use anything else


    This is an excellent product. Have found nothing else works for me. Have had problems for a young age. Take 3 every morning and have had no problems for last 6 months.



  • Fanatstic!! It's a life changer.


    I have struggled with terrible constipation most of my life with all its complications, and of the many many many things I've tried, this has proved to be the BEST. I take 3 with 1 Natures Own magnesium chelate each night. It's a life changer for me! I'm very grateful for this product. If I'm struggling I just up it to 4 and 2 magnesium for a night and I'm sorted. Oh and I also take a good probiotic. Highly highly recommend this product!!!! Ps I also drink loads of water.



  • Gentle or powerful - you choose


    Found this hugely beneficial for my IBS - when stressed and constipated it is easy to take the increased dosage and know it will have effect. I usually take one capsule at night along with a magnesium tablet and it keeps me regular without straining and without diarrhea. If my gut is completely out of whack I can take two or three capsules two or three times a day and by the following morning my discomfort is eased considerably. I have tried many options over the years but this is by far the most convenient, kind to my gut, and gentle in it's process.



Wellness Blog

  • Dive into detox with colon cleansing

    All too often, we spend so much of our time focusing on our outer appearance that we forget about the benefit of looking after our insides. To maintain a truly healthy body both inside and […]

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