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Iodine Supplements

Iodine is a nutrient that is essential for our wellbeing, and which most people need to increase their intake of significantly. As consumption of iodised salt has gone out of vogue, our levels have dropped, and supplementation may be required for good health.

HealthPost carries a range of iodine supplements to help boost levels, both orally and transdermally.

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Iodine Info

Iodine is a largely misunderstood mineral that is critical to our wellbeing, and which the majority of the population are lacking in sufficient quantities to maintain good health. This is primarily due to a lack of iodine in soils leading to a deficiency of this vital nutrient in our foods, as well as not consuming those foods that are rich in it in the first place.

As iodine is required for the manufacture of thyroid hormone, iodine deficiency is a leading cause of hypothyroidism, which is in turn associated with myriad health complaints including weight gain, fatigues, dry skin, brain fog and other hormonal and metabolic issues. Iodine is also essential for the development of babies in the womb. Other halide group minerals that pollute our environment such as fluoride and chlorine displace iodine, with the best remedy for preventing their damage being adequate levels of iodine.

Product Reviews

  • Great!


    I have been taking this for only two months now, and it has improved my life already! I am feeling better and looking better, other people have noticed it as well.. And I know it's due to this product because I haven't changed anything in my lifestyle other than taking this.



  • More information required


    I almost feel like there needs to be more information required about this product. It almost reads as an indication not a supplement. If I hadn't read the reviews I would never have know what it could do for me. Do your research on this one, it's almost a no brainer. NZ soil is not as hight in iodine as it should be, basically we can't actually get the right about of iodine from our food any more - no matter how healthy you eat.
    So this is a product you paint on the soles of your feel and your body absorbs it from there, the quicker your body absorbs it, the quicker the colour fades - the quicker it fades the more iodine deficient you are. It's amazing, and even after two days of using it I can see it's going to change my life.
    If you're going to take any supplement then make it this one



  • Absolutely bloody amazing


    Received it this morning. Sceptical. Rolled four lines on each foot. Sat back watched a movie 2 and a bit hours. Lines pretty much disappeared! Have had hyperthyroidism and my body swung itself into hypothyroidism. Have felt like crap for years. My ears aren't muffled in sound, I'm actually alert, I have a clearer mind, I'm more engaged when listening, I actually have motivation or energy. I'm excited for what to expect tomorrow if this is the first day/hours. Have showered and re applied, similar situation. Put one line on sleeping five year old sons foot and it's gone! Going to do the husbands feet Tonight and will be ordering more will be super handy to have on hand and it's easy to use. Dries pretty quickly. No muck or mess. We regularly eat a plethora of different foods all containing natural iodine and I tell ya what, this really is amazing. Cheers salud nz (colloidal silver nz) and thanks for the great service healthpost! I rate this a clear 10 out of 10



Wellness Blog

  • Iodine – A Heavyweight Health Champion Among Essential Minerals

    Most of us know iodine as the tablets we may have used to disinfect water on tramping trips or the infection-preventing tincture our parents might have applied to our cuts and scrapes and which made […]

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