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Magnesium Supplements

Magnesium, a mineral, is involved in hundreds of biochemical functions in our body, particularly related to the nervous system and stress, detoxification, and sleep. We must get magnesium through our diet as our body doesn’t make it.

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Magnesium Info

Magnesium is a key factor in over 350 enzymes. Magnesium assists in energy production, as well as supporting a calm nervous system. Over half of the magnesium in our body is found in bone tissue. Mostly magnesium functions inside our cells, helping to produce protein, support the heart tissue. Magnesium is involved in the creation of our hard tooth enamel.

Magnesium Benefits

People use magnesium to:

  • Support muscles and aid relaxation
  • Relieve tension during times of stress
  • Help maintain healthy blood pressure

Should I take magnesium? 

Magnesium is contained within many foods, but if the diet is high in processed grains you can miss out on an adequate intake.

Product Reviews

  • Magnesium Cream


    Great product, instant relief for me. Awesome price and excellent quick service from Healthpost



  • Great product for migraines


    Taking two of these each day has minimised my migraines to once a month from daily headaches and migraine. Highly recommend



  • Very good for sore joints


    As I have trouble with my joints i found this very good. I must say I think the Oil is better. it seems to be stronger and works longer.
    I am not in as much pain as i was so it does something when you rub it on.



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