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Ester C Vitamin Supplements

Your immune system is always working hard to protect your body from infections and illness. If you’re looking to give your immunity an extra helping hand, Ester C supplements may be a good option. As Vitamin C is water-soluble, the body cannot store excess amounts, so it needs to be replenished regularly. Ester-C is formulated to allow Vitamin C stay in the body longer, which may help with maintaining a stronger resistance to colds and flus.

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Ester C Info

Ester C is an extremely effective, non-acidic (pH7), and gentle on the stomach. Ester-C contains metabolites, which help Vitamin C enter the blood stream twice as fast and enable it to be held in the body twice as long as some other forms of Vitamin C supplements. Have a read of the Get to know your vitamin C blog article for more information.

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Product Reviews

  • A Good Product


    I buy this for my husband who cannot have any vitamin C that is acidic. He finds this supplement works very well for him.



  • Helped stave off the office cold


    Was the last person to get the cold and got a much milder dose than my co-workers.



  • Great results


    We have taken Ester C for many years and were interested to try the formula with Vit D.
    We have been having trouble sleeping and feeling a little down after changing jobs from being outside landscaping to Reception work in a busy Holiday Park. We put this down to lack of Vit D. A week into our new Vit C with D regime we are feeling happier and are sleeping more soundly. We are hoping we will be able to buy this in the larger quantities so it is more cost effective. Over all we love this product.



Wellness Blog

  • Vitamin C: ALL the FAQs!

    Deficiency of Vitamin C is quite well known throughout history– sailors and soldiers who were away for long periods of time and not eating fresh foods sometimes became unwell; wounds wouldn’t heal, they had poor […]

  • Get to know your vitamin C

    We all know about taking vitamin C in the hopes of warding off a bad cold during the winter, but what some people may not realise is that this well-known vitamin has a range of […]

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