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Vitamin B12 Supplements

Vitamin B12, also called cobalamin, is an essential micronutrient that has many uses throughout the body. These include the manufacture of red blood cells, and ensuring proper nerve and brain function.

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Vitamin B12 Info

Vitamin B12, also called cobalamin, is a crystalline compound that is bright red due to its high cobalt content. Its key roles are in red blood cell and nervous system health.

It was first identified as the nutrient needed to treat pernicious anemia, a condition in which the gastric mucosa lacks a protein called intrinsic factor, needed to absorb vitamin B12 in the ileum. As vitamin B12 is needed for red blood cell formation, a deficiency due to malabsorption results in a form of anemia.

The most abundant and readily absorbed sources of Vitamin B12 are animal foods. Vegetarians and vegans may be more at risk of becoming vitamin B12 deficient, and as we age the body’s ability to absorb B-12 from food sources decreases as well.

Vitamin B12 Benefits

Signs of vitamin B12 deficiency are in symptoms of nervous system impairment such as numbness and tingling, pins and needles or a burning sensation. Deficiency is more common in elderly people and can show as anemia, diarrhoea and a beefy red tongue. Impaired mental function in the elderly may respond well to vitamin B12 supplementation.

People with asthma and eczema may need vitamin B12, and addressing a deficiency may also bring improvements in sleep quality, alertness and concentration.

Vitamin B12 Side Effects

Safe when taken as directed.

Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) is best taken in conjunction with a B complex supplement, as all the B group vitamins need to be present in the correct ratio for optimal effect.

Product Reviews

  • A great product that delivers!


    I was diagnosed with low Vitamin B12 levels and after researching my options I decided to take the Methylcobalamin form of Vitamin B12 because it's absorbed more successfully into the body than other forms of Vitamin B12.
    It took two weeks to bring me to the level where I could participate in a normal active life again, and I've taken it every day since without any of my former symptoms returning. I would recommend this above having the B12 injections, and it tastes so good!



  • Great product


    These oral drops are so easy to use and so much better than swallowing pill. All you need is one drop daily, very happy.



  • Worked for me.


    Have been taking this (and the clinicians B complex) for a couple of months. Had a blood test for B12 before I started and then 2 months in. It has raised my B12 levels from the low end of normal to the high end of normal. Like it better than the B12 injections as I figure taking it daily keeps your levels more constant.



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