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Magnesium - Premium Daily Sachets

30 sachets
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Biosphere Magensium is formulated for optimal absorption.  It contains 3 types of magnesium, citrate, malate and  lysinate/glycinate to create the ideal dose for maximum absorption.
This is a great tasting blend of powdered magnesium containing the therapeutic dose of 400mg of elemental magnesium. It dissolves well into liquid, allowing the magnesium to be completely absorbed by the gut. 

Because it contains magnesium malate, this is a fantastic form of magnesium for people suffering from fatigue, since malic acid is a vital compotent of energy production. Great support for muscle and nerve function, cardiovascular health and supporting quallity sleep. 

Biosphere Magnesium is great for everyone. 

Mix the contents of a scahet into water (200ml) until dissolved. 

Adults: Take 1 sachet in the evening after dinner. 

Ages 8-13: Take half of the adult dose. 

Ages 4-7: Take a quarter of the adult dose. 

Suitable for diabetics and during pregnancy.
Serving size: 1 sachet (4.4g)

Magnesium Citrate 250mg
DiMagnesium Malate 100mg
Magnesium  Lysinate Glycinate Chelate 50mg

Other ingredients: Citric Acid, Natural Lemon Flavour, Turmeric (for colour), Monk Fruit Extract and Steva Extract. 
  • Great tasting blend of magnesium citrate, malate and lysinate/glycinate
  • 400mg of elemental magnesium per sachet
  • Dissolves well into liquid
  • Completely absorbed by the gut


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20th Mar 2020
biosphere magnesium
20th Mar 2020
amazing product. taken before bed and no more leg pains and cramps at night. worked immediately, yummy too

2nd Nov 2019
Fantastic stuff
2nd Nov 2019
I have been taking this for some time now and swear by it because not only does it combat my tiredness,it also helps significantly with my fibromyalgia symptoms in terms of stopping painful cramps and spasms so I will continue taking this.Wonderful customer service and fast delivery as always,love shopping with Healthpost because they look after you here.

6th Sep 2019
6th Sep 2019
The perfect way to get your daily dose of Magnesium,tastes great and is completely sugar free.I have been buying this product for months to help with fatigue and other health symptoms,this is excellent stuff and healthpost offers the best deal.

13th Apr 2019
Daily sachets
13th Apr 2019
If you dislike swallowing tablets, then i highly recommend this product. One sachet gives you your daily intake of magnesium and if taken before bed helps to relax all your muscles and nervous system so you can have a good nights rest. And it tastes great too. This will be my fourth purchase and noticed that Healthpost are even cheaper than direct.

18th Aug 2018
Amazing product
18th Aug 2018
This form of magnesium is the best we have used. Highly absorbable and working amazingly well at helping several people with severe long term constipation
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