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BioTrace CMD Concentrated Mineral Drops


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BioTrace CMD Concentrated Mineral Drops is an exceptional source of minerals and trace elements in a natural, concentrated solution that enables you to easily and affordably mineralise your own water. 

The human body requires minerals and trace elements to support numerous biological functions. There are several reasons why mineral deficiencies are so common in the Western world:

  • Intensive farming uses synthetic fertilisers that contain only a few macro-minerals required for food to grow, but few of the micro-minerals required for human health
  • Pollution and industrialisation can cause toxic metal accumulation. Toxic metals compete with mineral absorption in the body
  • Taking non-ionic or synthetic mineral supplements or drugs in excess can upset the equilibrium of other minerals and trace elements in the body

In 1897, French biologist René Quinton proved that the concentration of minerals and trace elements found in sea water is very similar in composition to that found in human plasma. 

Studies show that not only does sea water contain a wealth of mineral salts and trace elements, but it can also support pH balance because it is naturally alkaline (pH 7.9 – 8.3). 

CMD contains up to 72 naturally occurring minerals and trace elements in a low sodium sea mineral concentrate sourced from The Dead Sea in Jordan.  


Suggested Use: Take 1 drop per 3kg of body weight, i.e. 60kg body weight equals 20 drops of CMD. 

Either dilute these drops into the liquid you consume throughout the day or split the dose to half in the morning and half in the evening in a glass of water. CMD can be added to any liquid consumed.


  • Always read the label and take only as directed.
  • If any adverse reactions occur, immediately stop using this product and consult your health practitioner.
  • If seal cap is damaged or missing do not use.
  • Always keep the cap tightly closed. Store the container in a cool dry place. 

Per 1ml serve (20 drops):

Magnesium 104mg
Chloride 337mg
Calcium 5mg
Sodium 3mg
Potassium 2mg
Rubidium 1mg
Lithium 625mcg
Sulphate 476mcg
Strontium 100mcg
Phosphorous  98mcg
Titanium 18mcg
Iron 16 mcg
Boron 15mcg
Silicon 10mcg

Ingredients: Concentrated Mineral Drops (CMD) is a low-sodium, all natural, Dead Sea mineral concentrate that contains up to 72 naturally occurring trace elements. Seasonal variations may occur.

Concentrated Mineral Drops (CMD) has passed the safety test for heavy metals.


BioTrace prides itself on manufacturing and sourcing products that are produced ethically and with the utmost quality and integrity. Their preference for liquids and capsules reflects the underlying philosophy to ‘do no harm’, thus avoiding potentially toxic fillers, binders and ‘tableting aids’.

BioTrace makes nutritional supplements from food-based ingredients wherever possible and their popular Concentrated Mineral Drops (CMD) and Elemental Minerals are ionic and thus highly bio-available (well-absorbed).

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Excellent boost of the body system Review by
  • star

This is good as its help a lot to our body system

Perfect way to get mineral needs Review by
  • star

I've been taking these for some time, and am sure that (along with the Liposomal Vitamin C I take as well) this has contributed to the fact I've stayed well for 2 winters in a row. Not sure if I'm negating any of the benefits but because of the foul taste I've been putting the drops in with my morning smoothie. Seems to work!

No brainer. Review by
  • star

This product, along with other supplements was recommended to me by my naturopath to help correct my hypothyroidism. Due to our depleted soils, it is difficult to get sufficient minerals through our diet. It has improved many aspects of my wellbeing - cognitive function, energy levels, texture of my hair, skin and nails. Despite tasting absolutely vile, I take it every morning without fail.

Very effective. Review by
  • star

I noticed a big difference in energy and general well being with these. I just tried cellfood again after not using it for a long while but did not notice a difference like I do with the cmd drops.

Tastes ghastly but small price to pay for the wonderful results Review by
  • star

My body was seriously depleted of nutrients and minerals due to undiagnosed coeliac and thyroid problems. Although it's taken two years, with guidance of my naturopath who identified my deficiencies, I have regained full health. This product was part of that. I will continue to take it as I realise now that our soils are depleted of minerals so subsequently our food chain is too.

Highly recommend.. Review by
  • star

It's very helpful...

I can only write a review of a group of your products. The nutritionist put me on all of these at the same time. Review by
  • star

The combination of
MRI CMD Concentrated Mineral Drops
RADIANCE Amino Glutamine
CLINICIANS Vitamin B12 Oral Drops
GO HEALTHY GO Adrenal Support
GO HEALTHY GO Probiotic 40 Billion
NORDIC NATURALS Arctic Cod Liver Oil
ENZYMEDICA Digest Spectrum
This Combination Recommended by my GAPS nutritionist, was designed for me for
related to the shut down of my digestive system even with the best of food.
The results are amazing and ongoing improving my health and helping me to regain some of the 9 kg I Iost from IBM.
The GAPS Nutritionist changed my eating to help recovery. My Doctor says all my health markers are good now.
I would give every one of these seven products a FIVE STAR RATING.

Great Product Review by
  • star

The taste is not great tasting but if taken with a little bit of juice its no problem, and all the minerals are of such benefit will not be without this now 20 mls a day sleeping a lot better now and been having a lot of relief with my joints so well worth it !!!

Taste is OK Review by
  • star

I haven't been taking this long enough to make a comment regarding it's effectiveness, but about the taste that a lot of people comment on - it's not really a bad taste but a different texture, like the water is slippery (if that makes sense). Not oily, just a bit different. Not at all unpleasant for me, I can just have it with water or like others in my water bottle to sip on. I look forward to improved skin like others that take this.

Excellent Product Review by
  • star

These trace mineral drops are superior and worth paying a bit more for. They are particularly high in magnesium in an absorbable form and give a good all round balance of trace minerals.

Items 1 to 10 of 19 total

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  2. 2
per page

Product Highlights

  • Bio-available, liquid mineral concentrate with up to 72 naturally occurring trace elements
  • Supports mineral balance with a mineral composition close to healthy human plasma
  • Low in sodium, high in magnesium
  • Economical and flexible dosage form for the whole family
  • Vegan formula


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