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Amazing Herbs

Amazing Herbs Premium Black Seed Oil and health supplements are the brand trusted and used by Natural Health Care Practitioners. 

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Amazing Herbs

Amazing Herbs is the worlds leading manufacturer and distributor of Black Seed and other Health & Nutritional supplements. Aside from being one of the first nutraceutical company's to introduce Black Seed to the health and nutrition industry in the United States, it has also been vital in promoting the remarkable health benefits of Bitter Melon and Tongkat Ali root for stamina and sports performance.

Amazing Herbs prides itself in manufacturing the highest quality products, that are all manufactured in the USA under strict GMP guidelines and FDA registered facilities.

Product Reviews

  • Great product!


    I love pepper and this is now my new favourite pepper of all. The black cumin seed has health benefits and I use this product on almost everything I eat. Recommended!



  • Disappointed with GSE


    Just want to confirm what the previous reviewer is saying. I used to get Alternative Solutions GSE from Healthpost. It was really strong and fantastic for sore throats, colds etc. Have put lots of friends onto it for a natural solution. When it ran out I found that the Amazing Herbs GSE is now the only one available at Healtpost so bought it.

    It is definitely NOT amazing. I can put it straight on my tongue with no dilution and it does nothing. A lot of money spent for a product that does nothing.

    This is the first time I have had something not up to standard from Healthpost, usually things are great and at a good price. Hopefully they will get the good GSE back.



  • This product does not appear to be GSE


    So, I've been taking GSE for quite some time - as a way to manage Candida albicans. I've always bought it off health post, and during that time the brand they've supplied has changed a few times. This time, however, once I got it, there was absolutely none of the normal bitter taste that I would associate with GSE. It also had no impact on my symptoms.

    I suspected that I got a bad batch, but a family member who also uses it reported similar issues. Since then I've stopped buying this product, and moved on to one by a company called nutribiotic. I won't link it, as I'm sure I'll be breaking some sort of guideline and have the review deleted.

    Regardless, I just wanted to let people know my experience, and to be cautious. Also, it's important to note that both of these experiences were approximately 6 months ago, so perhaps it has changed. I will not be testing to find out however (came across this product as I was searching for other related stuff).



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