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Botanica specialise in the development of natural, scientifically sound healthcare products. The Botanica range of personal care products has been developed to meet the needs of the health conscious family. Placing particular emphasis on efficacy, safety, and chemical free composition, Botanica products are made from natural ingredients with regard to our health and our environment.

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New Zealand Pharmacology Ltd, established in 1998, specialises in developing non-toxic, scientifically sound healthcare products. Their philosophy is to re- think how healthcare problems were being solved; their products are innovative, effective and safe. They believe in ‘first do no harm’  so their products are non-toxic.

They believe labels must list all ingredients so everyone can be fully informed about what they put on their skin.
Their product testing involves no animals apart from themselves.

Botanica products are all made in New Zealand in government certified facilities where we have control and accountability of manufacturing.

Product Reviews

  • This works!


    This product really works! I quickly purchased another tube. The tube is small but I think it will last quite a while. I was using it for allergies and noticed that I was immediately sneezing less and didn't have the same plugged up sinuses. I recently got an upper respiratory infection and the gel is helping with that as well. I think the quercetin in the formula keeps the histamines down in the nasal passages.



  • Really good!


    Bought this for my husband who snores so loudly he was keeping us awake. When he uses it, it reduces the loudness alot. Some night it stops the snoring entirely. Other nights it's quiet enough we can sleep without being disturbed. Highly recommend this product



  • Great for cooling relief


    My husband is currently recovering from his shingles on his face. He already bought 4 other skin products to hydrate, moisturize, and relief the itchiness from his drying & healing skin rash, but to no avail. I found this searching google for a cooling gel and magic - husband loves it and will buy more to keep one handy in my purse for anytime use. Highly recommended - avoid second guessing, just this one will do the job.



Wellness Blog

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