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Harker Herbals

According to the Harker Herbals philosophy, nature has its own medicine chest. By using traditional herbal remedies, Harker Herbals products have been helping thousands of people to achieve better well-being and health. We're proud to have a large range of popular Harker Herbals products, so you may discover the benefits too.
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Harker Herbals

Harker Herbals is one of our unique brands, which has been producing hand-made Herbal Tonics, Elixirs & Lotions in time-honoured ways for more than 35 years. Malcolm started by first healing himself from chronic illness, with the combination of a healthier diet and medicinal herbs. As he shared his extraordinary experience, demand for his tonics grew and now the Harker Herbals brand is found in selected New Zealand health stores.

Harker Herbal tonics may assist with a number of health concerns for children and adults such as cold and flu ailments, respiratory conditions, detoxing and energy levels. There is also a beauty and personal care range.

Product Reviews

  • Excellent product


    Normally I do not write review, and not normally give “full mark” for the product. However, this product such like life saver.

    From the beginning, I tried the small bottle and wow, after couple of days I had found myself less irritated and more peaceful, and the biggest change is that I can get more sleep not only 4 hours or 5 hours. Now, I can wake up with fresh myself and feel more rejuvenated. I also found it is from New Zealand as well:)

    Thank you healthpost to stock this product.




  • Get onboard!


    I mainly ordered this product because I have hypothryoidism and am about to start a course and was worried that I would not have the brain cognition to actually do any good in class!

    I have been taking this product now for two weeks and am quite impressed. And, worth noting, I only remember to take it 1-2 a day and have not yet had the 3-4 times a day dosage. (If I did, I could possibly then change my rating from Very Good to Outstanding!)

    What I have found is: an increase in energy and an increase in brain function. I've been finding myself doing chores (home and work) that previously I had been putting off as I just couldn't get my head space right to concentrate to get them done. So we can also put a tick next to "increased motivation"!

    If energy/brain function/motivation were previously at a 6 out of 10, they are now at an 8.

    I am also going through peri-menopause and have slept better since being on Thyroid Balance. I have also noticed my hot flushes have reduced quite significantly.

    The taste is very bitter but I'm finding I'm getting used to it. I just have a glass of water and a snack (eg a couple dried apricots) to have immediately after to help get rid of the taste after I've swilled it around in my mouth.



  • Great product but stains teeth


    I love that this products as it has really nice ingredients. I use it not only for extra energy but with B complex to target stress. The only very important warning they left off the label that it stains teeth very strongly when used as according to label. I swirled it as recommended and after some time my teeth got dark grey which i could only remove with teeth whitener (mix of baking soda and 3% hydrogenperoxide). So now i swallow it immediately and drink water to rinse my mouth.



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