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Kolorex is a small family owned business dedicated to bringing the benefits of New Zealand’s unique herb, Horopito, to the world. Kolorex products are very much the essence of New Zealand. The Horopito plants that go into Kolorex are grown on their very own farm – the world’s one and only commercial Horopito plantation. In addition, all Kolorex products are developed and made locally.

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Kolorex products are designed to restore natural microflora and support yeast balance throughout the body.

The powerful healing properties of Horopito were traditionally recognised as a natural remedy for skin and stomach upsets. Many years of rigorous scientific research has proven that Horopito supports the body’s defense for maintaining yeast balance.

The Kolorex range of products deliver an optimised form of Horopito that has been specifically selected for its strength and purity. Kolorex adheres to the highest standards of what is truly natural. The product range contains no parabens, mineral oils, synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances or SLS/SLES. Instead, Kolorex uses a natural preservative system and only the purest natural ingredients that are designed to work in harmony with the body for optimal health.

Their product range includes oral formulations, topical creams and an intimate wash for feminine hygiene. Kolorex is an excellent choice for supporting healthy yeast and fungal balance.

Product Reviews

  • This works!!


    After using oregano oil for sometime with some but little effect, I was recommended this product but my naturopath to treat an unbalance of candida in my gut. After 4 days of using this product I was getting intense die off reaction and it was a bit overwhelming for my body, however I was ecstatic that I was finally getting the upper hand on this problem as I had been battling it for months. I dropped down to taking this every second day and the die off symptoms were much more tolerable, I highly recommend using this product in conjunction with a good probiotic, as you need to replace the good while you remove the bad if you are using this for a gut imbalance.
    Highly recommend this product, it has helped me immensely!



  • Good product


    Good product, maybe a little too good at killing Candida. I was only taking 1 every second day, and the die off effects have been pretty bad. I have had stomach cramps, nausea, dizziness and sore lymph nodes in my groin. It is good to find a product that works for candida, as it helps my stomach function, but maybe take with caution. I have been a week without any and still have a bit of die off effect...



  • Excellent product and has completely solved tinea problem


    100 percent success with this product. Would not consider the use of any other product. Adds a nice cool feel to the affected area. After a few days of application & always drying thoroughly between toes after shower, it has never returned.

    Glenn & Lynn


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