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LivOn Laboratories

LivOn Laboratories focus primarily on the production of antioxidant nutrients, and their use of easy-to-take liposomal products improves the bioavailability of these products enormously compared to standard forms.

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LivOn Laboratories

In recent years the development of liposomal technology has meant that nutrients can be targeted for absorption in ways that were never possible before, and pioneering this technology has been LivOn Laboratories.

Why Lypo-Spheric Range

Water-soluble nutrients such as vitamin C, that would otherwise not be able to be delivered directly into cells, are able to be absorbed directly in high doses thanks to the lipid bi-layer that encapsulates the molecules.

The potent antioxidant Glutathione, normally difficult to absorb directly and most commonly taken as its precursor NAC, is able to be taken as a pre-formed nutrient.

Lipoic acid can be protected from the gastric juices that usually destroy it and delivered straight to the bloodstream and into cells. This enables it to do its job of recycling antioxidants efficiently.

Product Reviews

  • A bit expensive but its worth the money!


    My daughter and I love this vitamin c. We became more energitic since we start taking this product. A bit expensive but its worth the money. Highly recommended!



  • Amazing!


    Amazing stuff! Started taking this once a day a couple weeks ago and haven’t had one cold yet this winter. If I feel a sore throat coming on I’ll take an extra sachet and it’s gone by the next day. Highly recommend!



  • lypo-spheric Vitamin C seems to work well


    I am nearing the end of my first box of this Vitamin C and I feel a little more energetic, I have noticed that as I age my hair which was always fine but plenty of it has become more weightless and floaty and lost its swing, when wet it started to feel like wet cotton wool. Since taking this supplement I notice my hair regaining some substance and altho it still dosent "swing" it no longer has the "wet cotton wool " effect .
    The product is very expensive so will not be able to take it on a permanent daily basis but will take another months supply then will start taking it on alternate days to spread the cost.



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