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Although Nutra-Life initially specialised in sports nutrition products, they have become a well-established brand here in New Zealand and also internationally, producing leading natural health supplements designed to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Feel free to browse our wide selection of Nutra-Life products.
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Nutra-Life Info
Having a proudly maintained quality assurance for over 30 years, Nutra-Life now operates from a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified manufacturing facility, purpose-built to meet exacting standards. This ensures you are receiving a premium product that has been carefully tested to ensure maximum health benefits.

Nutra-Life Benefits
One of our popular brands Nutra-Life produces New Zealand’s number 1 joint & inflammation formula Joint Care. Using scientifically researched blends of Glucosamine sulphate with Chondroitin, Joint Care may help alleviate painful joints. Ester C® is another best seller as it uses a unique formula that enhances the power of the Vitamin C antioxidant, which may boost immunity and repair cells damaged by free radical activity.

Product Reviews

  • Wouldn’t be without them!!!


    Some of us experience the dreaded, the unattractive pain of having COLD SORES !!! I touch wood haven’t had an Cold Sore outbreak for over 2yrs!! When I experience an out break my whole lip & side of face swells so bad I just get beside myself & feel so unattractive & just feel yuck!! BUT I have found this amazing supplement Lysine 1200 & I wouldn’t be without it in our medicine cabinet. I don’t take this daily but if I’m going through a stressful time I do however start taking 2x daily. If I feel that tingling feeling which previously I would apply cream (which I felt feed them???) I now overload on Lysine 1200 yip I chuck down 6x daily for bout 3 days then back to 2x daily & guess what I’m now the one winning with this virius!!! NO Blisters or swelling just great!!Health Post is the only place I purchase my supplements great prices & super fast delivery service straight to your door. Cheers Health Post!!!



  • Great on stomach unlike other supplements I tried which made my stomach upset. It's effective for me and so I love this brand of Vit C.


    This is my first time to try Ester C 1000mg + Bioflavanoids and I have been impressed with it. I have had a sore gum prior to taking this supplement and just after a few days my gums improved and that was such a pleasant surprise! I believe this Vit C has aided in the healing process and my overall well-being. This is great on stomach, too! I'm also surprised that given the slightly bigger capsule size, I could swallow it with ease. What an amazing product! I love it.



  • Happy Hubby!!


    I have been a big advocate for Probiotics for years now. My darling husband has suffered with digestive problems along with constipation and wind for as long as I have known him. Finally, he took head and is now taking ProBiotica......the difference it has made is excellent, a much happier and healthier hubby : )

    I have no hesitation in recommending this product.....initially he took it twice daily and is now regularly on 1 daily.



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