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Omeganz oils are made from the finest fresh seeds and fruit, which are grown with utmost care, by a small group of specialist growers in New Zealand. Many of these family operations have a long history dedicated to producing seeds and fruit of the highest quality, with knowledge being passed down through the generations.
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The Omeganz Master oil maker combines the best science in processing technologies with the art of oil making to perfect the creation of a range of world class premium oils that are ‘Liquid Gold’.

The resulting delectable range of oils are carefully decanted into dark bottles designed to preserve the oils freshness and flavour so it reaches you in perfect condition.

Like fine wines, soil and climatic conditions contribute to the complexity of oils. Omeganz have chosen specific areas throughout New Zealand with unique microclimates to produce high quality extra virgin oils with a distinct and unique blend of flavour, aroma and health benefits.

When you buy Omeganz products you can be confident that the farmers received a fair price for their harvest and in return Omeganz farmers commit to using environmentally sustainable farming practices, fair working standards and invest in their communities.

Product Reviews

  • Good flavour


    Great on salads with lemon juice



  • Great oil!


    That's a great oil~I like the bottle mouth's design.



  • Very healthy oil


    This is the only rapeseed oil I could find that was GM free. It is a true cooking oil, very healthy with the lowest level of saturated fats which i find great for the cholesterol, with the added omegas I also feel like I'm getting my daily nutrients! Great NZ cooking oil!



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