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PetBalance is a new range of 100% natural supplements for your furry family members. All PetBalance products are made from high quality natural ingredients sourced from trusted manufacturers around the world and include products for healthy joints, digestion, a shiny coat & healthy skin and immunity support.

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PetBalance is a New Zealand nutrition company with products targeted specifically for the health of our furry friends. With an array of premium quality certified organic supplements to assist with common animal health complaints such as the maintenance of healthy hair, joints and skin, there is something for every cat and dog.

PetBalance’s range includes lecithin to support nervous system, heart and renal health, glucosamine to support healthy joints, and kelp powder for a mineral boost and to support optimal thyroid function and metabolism. Slippery elm for dogs assists with optimal digestive function, and both cats and dogs can benefit from the nutritional powerhouse that is spirulina.

Many of us spend a lot of time on our own healthcare needs, focusing on a great diet and superfood nutrition for ourselves and for our children. But how many of us spend that same time considering the needs of our pets? Cats and dogs are prone to illnesses the same as humans are, with many afflicted with dry skin and eczema, poor coat condition, digestive health problems, low immunity and nervous or digestive system disorders. Like in humans these problems can increase as we age, leading to an increased need for supplementation and support.

Product Reviews

  • Effective Product


    Great product. Had our large 10 year old Huntaway on the hidiously expensive vet biscuits for about six monthto help with joint issues, results were not great, a small but hard to measure improvement. After a month on this PetBalance product we had noticed a marked improvemnt, not a new dog by any means but certainly much happier and more active. (Glucosamine had a similar impact on me. Lol). Wouldn't hesitate to recommend.



  • LARGE lumps in it


    The last 2 containers of this have been VERY lumpy with huge lumps in it. I now have to crush it down myself which defeats the ease of using this product. I will buy one more container and if it is still the same then I will probably change to another type of product.



  • Changed my dog to Nutralife Joint Care Capsules.....vast improvement!


    I had been using this product for years for my dogs, but the last 2 batches have been very lumpy....I queried this & the manufacturers response was that a different milling process had been used. I decided to try the Nutralife Joint Care capsules (2 per day for 13yr old Golden Retriever) instead....what a difference! Her mobility is much improved



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