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Solimara Truly Natural

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Solimara Truly Natural

Bringing you the option to buy a natural sunscreen free from any chemical or synthetic ingredients.

Product Reviews

  • Effective sunscreen


    Very nice sunscreen, works well, very thick



  • Average


    Unfortunately I cannot recommend this product as the labeling is inaccurate - it is not packed with pure natural goodness, nor is it non-greasy. I ended up with sunburn once, even though a couple of other times it worked better. The product is very thick and clogs my skin.



  • Not Quite What I Expected


    I really really wanted to like this product as I met the two lovely ladies who own the company at one of the Go Green Expos and they really sold it to me. Previously there was only SPF30 so I thought why not get the SPF50. For a natural product I thought it would feel hydrating and like it soaks into your skin nicely, however I was wrong. Though admittedly the smell is lovely and I appreciate the eco-conscious ingredients, I find this product really thick and cakey on my skin! As someone who works outside all day I wear sunblock every single day on my face and I must say this product is thick and hard to get out of the bottle, hard to put on, and even more difficult to scrub off my face at the end of the day! Even after using face wash and an exfoliating sponge, I can still feel a some residue left over on my hands and face. When on your skin, it cakes on thick and white like casper (though I guess thats to be expected with zinc oxide), so after all day in the sun, it starts to crease into your facial lines and leaves very obvious white marks which looks unprofessional at the end of the day. If you're just using this casually for going to the beach or using it on the kids who don't really care, I say go for it! However if you're like me and use it daily and professionally I would give it a miss. Like I said, I really wanted to like this product because of the natural ingredients and the ladies :(



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