Ceres Organics

Founded in 1982 as a food stall at the Michael Park School fair by parent Juliet Lamont, and growing over the years into a shop, wholesaler and organic food brand, Ceres Organics is one of New Zealand’s biggest organic food distributors. With a range of products to choose from, their flagship brand Ceres Organics is your guarantee you’re getting a high-quality product produced with the health of both you and the planet in mind. HealthPost carries a select range of Ceres Organics products. 

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Starting out as an organic food co-op in the early 1980s by a group of parents interested in Steiner principles, biodynamic growing, and ensuring their children grew up eating well, Ceres Organics have grown from strength to strength over the years.

Named for the Roman goddess of the harvest, Ceres, they were the first BioGro certified organic distributor in the country, and are EcoSocial certified too. EcoSocial certification is an initiative that gives assurance of a company’s focus on ethical and social responsibility in the sourcing of its ingredients from around the world.

HealthPost’s range of Ceres Organics products includes gut-nourishing fermented superfood sauerkraut, raw and organic nuts, and delicious, raw, sprouted rice protein powders.

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