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If you love the aroma of fresh herbs, then you’ll enjoy brewing a pot of Claridges Botanicals herbal teas. Their teas are certified organically grown so when you enjoy drinking them, you can experience the full therapeutic properties of the plant.

Claridges Botanicals is proud to be a New Zealand family business and ensure their products are uncontaminated by chemicals by being grown in the best ethical manner, for your health and the earth.

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Nettle tea is a wonderful caffeine-free alternative hot drink and has great health-boosting properties that may support kidney function and may provide relief from diarrhoea.

You may find that dandelion is a little more than just a weed when you try Claridges Botanicals Dandelion Tea in unbleached bags. It has traditionally been used to aid digestion and is full of beneficial antioxidants.

As well as herbal teas, Claridges Botanicals have also branched out offering Barley Leaf Powder, rich in vitamins and minerals and also Organic Sea Salt & Kelp, which is a flavourful and health benefiting seasoning for your cooking.

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