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Supa Tanka 'Kooler'

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ECOtanka Supa Kooler Covers keep the contents of your Supa Tanka cool while at the same time providing a protective layer. Made from neoprene, they are soft & durable & come with an adjustable strap to make carrying them easier.

Important: When fitting your Kooler cover first remove the cap from from your ECOtanka to avoid over stretching the material. Fit the cover to the bottle as snugly as possible then fit the loop over the neck.

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28th Feb 2016
i love my eco tanka
28th Feb 2016
I have had eco tankas in my life for years now, and after leaving one behind on holiday i ordered a brand new one with a black kooler. I now love it even more. It has a great shoulder strap, and the carrying handle is really strong. In this hot humid summer my water has been a nice temperature:)

23rd Feb 2016
Really like it
23rd Feb 2016
I bought myself a grey Kooler cover for my Supa Tanka recently. I find it keeps my drinks cold for longer. Fits well and it is easy to put on and take off again when I need to wash my bottle. The hand strap makes it easy to carry.

3rd Dec 2015
Excellent product, but a bit smelly
3rd Dec 2015
Got this free with my 800ml Ecotanka. After removing it from its plastic wrapping, I was it by a strong chemical smell. I've bought neoprene products before, but they've never had such a strong smell. The strap that comes with it was also quite stinky. After soaking everything in Ecostore laundry powder for about a week, and leaving it in the sun for about a week (while intermittently rinsing in soapy water again, the smell abated enough to use it. There's still a hint of eau de toxique about it, but it's tolerable. All a bit ironic from a company that has 'Eco' in its name. Anyway, totally worth getting though. Have dropped my bottle a couple of times now and the extra padding has reduced the likelihood of dings. The strap isn't my thing, but I've slapped a couple of carabiners on the strap rings and the stitching is sturdy enough to support the weight of a full bottle on just one ring while you're walking around.

1st Nov 2015
Great product
1st Nov 2015
I brought the Peacock green cover to go with the supa tanker bottle I recently brought. Keeps the water cooler for longer and having the strap etc makes carrying it around on a farm walk easy.
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