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Magnesium Easy-To-Swallow

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Good Health Magnesium Easy To Swallow is a product that contains a naturally sourced marine magnesium, called Aquamin Mg. This makes it easier to digest, as it is naturally sourced and it is in a whole multi-mineral complex form, containing 35% absorbable elemental magnesium. Because of this, it is less likely to disturb the bowel, as it is more complex and superior to magnesium oxide and has an increased solubility, to ensure its easy absorption into the bloodstream. 

This type of magnesium, is derived naturally, from the sea water that contains red algae seaweed, harvested under an exclusive license in the cool, clean and pristine waters, off the coast of Ireland. 

  • May have a slight laxative effect in sensitive individuals, due to the fact that it does have an oxygen component to it, but it is in a gentle complex dose and is less likely.
  • Take 2 hours away from antibiotics and other medications.
  • Safe to take during the third trimester of pregnancy.
Adults: Take 1-2 capsules daily or as professionally prescribed. Best taken in the evening but can be taken at any time of day.
Each capsule contains: 
Total Elemental Magnesium 150mg 
Marine Magnesium 455mg   

Excipients: Encapsulating aids.
  • Small, easy-to-swallow capsule
  • Soothes nervous tension and stress
  • Supports muscle relaxation
  • High absorbancy
  • Premenstrual support


2 out of 5
(Out of 9 Total Reviews)
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28th Oct 2019
Good Health Magnesium
28th Oct 2019
Very easy to swallow. Have been let down by other brands as their tablets or capsules are enormous and I cannot swallow them,

30th Sep 2019
Good product
30th Sep 2019
I don’t like as much as the Nutralife complete, but for the price they are definitely value for money. My uni student daughter likes this brand and says they’ve made a difference with sleep.

7th Aug 2019
7th Aug 2019
I agree with Jude - i loved the magnesium ultra organic!!\nThese new ones are nothing like them. Will try find them elsewhere

23rd Jun 2019
23rd Jun 2019
I tried these because you no longer stock the Good Health Organic Magnesium Ultra which I have used regularly and very successfully for years, for muscle relaxation, pain control and good sleep. I have an autoimmune disorder which means this is an ongoing issue for me.\nI was very disappointed in this product. They are NOT easy to swallow. The gel capsule stuck to my throat and gullet on several occasions, despite plenty of water, causing severe discomfort. The other (larger) pressed tablets were far easier for me to get down.\nThe product has no noticeable effect on my pain levels and muscle tension. I will not be buying this product again, and will be spending more sourcing the Magnesium Ultra elsewhere. I am very disappointed you are no longer stocking the ones that work well for me. Please consider reinstating the Magnesium Ultra tablets. Thanks.

16th Jun 2019
this is a variation of an oxide form of Mg
16th Jun 2019
I was looking for a form of Mg for aching muscles and have learned to avoid certain Mg better used for bowel regulation - like Mg oxides (causes loose bowel and not as bio-available, is a just cheap form of Mg) or a Mg citrate (leads to pulling water out your gut so can lead to dehydration.) So was looking for a chelate or amino acid form, or something similar. The description offered by Good Health sounds wonderful - a complex Mg formulation derived from the ocean etc. with heaps of other minerals, natural, etc etc.. Good marketing!! .... By chance I found more details of this product on another site. As well as this info it details the process used to produce it - shows this is basically just bonded with calcium oxide to form magnesium hydroxide - then is washed out/ rinsed repeatedly, etc. Not impressed at this being a hydroxide at all!! They should just say so - not call it \"elemental Magnesium\" or aqua-whatever - which sounds so wholesome! !! I reckon I would get the runs if I took the dose I was planning and if you google it further, Mg Hydroxide should be taken for a limited period only as a treatment, not as an ongoing supplement. \n\nIt pays when taking magnesium to carefully research the many forms of it and different effects they have - and pick your way through the marketing hype to find the facts. Especially if wanting to avoid the laxative effects of it.\n\nLuckily Healthpost are seriously AWESOME and I just found out they have a wonderful return policy, so I will be returning my unopened bottles! THANKS HEALTHPOST FOR CONTINUOUS AMAZING SERVICE.\n

24th Feb 2019
easier to swallow than most on market
24th Feb 2019
Hi, I agree that the capsules were not smaller as I had hoped - they're actually 22mm x 6-7mm (length x width) which is still smaller than most on the market & cheaper than Magnesium powder.

1st Jan 2019
works well
1st Jan 2019
Yeah, not very small capsules, but a little smaller than most, and I find them easy to swallow. ( I hate tablets or big capsules) I find 150mg a good amount, not to much. One with breakfast and one with dinner is just the right amount for my tum and bowel. I also like that it is not mixed with other things.

8th Oct 2018
Not a small capsule
8th Oct 2018
Please be aware this is not a small capsule! Very disappointing marketing on the label.

12th Jun 2018
Magnesium didn't agree with me.
12th Jun 2018
Didn't agree with me I already use cream and a small amount in my b stress pills might have been too much was only taking one but got bladder/kidney upset constant going to the toilet and pains so stopped
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