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Iron Tonic

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Harker Herbals Iron Tonic is actually a blackberry-fruit syrup made from organically grown berries with proven high-iron content and extremely high organic silica content. The syrup is blended with ginger, oat straw and yellow dock – three famous blood-enriching silica and iron herbs. Both iron and silica are the prime minerals for good blood and cell tissue building! Contains deep sea Chondrus crispus (Carrageen) - rich in many of the sea’s nutrient minerals for good health.
  • Use as a daily organic iron and silica / calcium elixir. Delicious for all ages! Nutrient-rich!
  • Indicated for Low Iron, low calcium, low silica blood analysis, malnutrition, impure blood and skin conditions and poor diet. Most low energy, fatigue disorders.
  • Due to its high concentration of many organic minerals and vitamins it may beneficially influence other glands, organs and vessels associated with the circulatory system.

  • Not to be taken in pregnancy or lactation.
  • Use only as directed.
  • If taking prescribed medication, consult your healthcare professional before taking Harker Herbal Tonics.
  • If symptoms persist, seek professional medical advice.

Dosage Pre-meals:
Adult: Take 5-10ml three to four times daily.
Child: 1/2 dose.
Baby: 1/4 dose.

Shake bottle vigorously prior to each dose. Best taken straight or by drops for infants. Can be taken in 50mls of boiled water as a tea. Swill dose for 10 seconds before swallowing.

To accustom to product take a ¼ to ½ dose for the first 2 or 3 days. If taking prescribed medication, consult with your Doctor prior to using ‘Malcolm Harker’ herbal tonics. Avoid coffee or tea for ¼ hour before and after dose.

Avoid – mucusforming foods such as gluten, egg-white, chocolate, sugar, dairy, polyunsaturated oils, regular salt.

Adopt – gluten-free grain foods, whole foods (greens, fruits, nuts, seeds), unprocessed coconut oil, 1022 Celtic & NZ Sea Salt with kelp, oxygen-rich water.

For best results use with 825 Verm-ez for 1 – 2 weeks.

Active ingredients: Iron amino acid chelate (20mg of iron per 10mls) supplying 4mg of elemental iron per 10mls, Blackberry pure concentrate, Horsetail, Yellow Dock

Herbs: Irish Moss seaweed, Cayene, Ginger, Kelp, Licorice, Oatstraw

Pure Essential Oils: Aniseed, Jojoba, Lemon, Spearmint

Plus: Celtic sea salt, citric acid, organic iodine, organic rice malt, vegetable glycerine

Contains no yeast, gluten, wheat, dairy products, artificial colours or sweeteners.

Indicated for:

  • low Iron
  • low calcium
  • low silica blood analysis
  • malnutrition
  • impure blood and skin conditions
  • poor diet
  • most low energy, fatigue disorders


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26th Jun 2018
Great product but stains teeth
26th Jun 2018
I love that this products as it has really nice ingredients. I use it not only for extra energy but with B complex to target stress. The only very important warning they left off the label that it stains teeth very strongly when used as according to label. I swirled it as recommended and after some time my teeth got dark grey which i could only remove with teeth whitener (mix of baking soda and 3% hydrogenperoxide). So now i swallow it immediately and drink water to rinse my mouth.

4th Dec 2017
Excellent Product
4th Dec 2017
I've had dismally low iron levels in the past and the same symptoms were back again. Took a double dose for 4 days and noticed a big improvement in my energy levels (no need for any more Nana naps) then dropped back to recommended dose 4 times a day. EXCELLENT product and made from natural ingredients with pronounceable names.

18th Oct 2017
It works!
18th Oct 2017
I have low ferritin and noticed increases of my energy after taking this.. just about to order my second bottle

3rd Aug 2017
Great product
3rd Aug 2017
I would buy this again. My energy levels have increased and it tastes great.

5th Jul 2015
Fantastic Product to boost Iron Levels
5th Jul 2015
I have very low iron levels and this product has really helped get and keep them up. It is easy to drink...Kids and I have no troubles....Great product

9th Dec 2014
Excellent product
9th Dec 2014
I have tried a number of different products and what I like about this one is that it tastes great and has herbs in it which have a range of beneficial effects on the body. I have found that other supplements tend to have synthetic vitamins added which isn't ideal so am pleased to have found a natural Iron tonic that is also very nutrient rich. To me its definitely worth paying the bit extra to get a high quality Iron supplement like this rather than a cheaper not so great product. :)

9th Sep 2014
9th Sep 2014
I am so happy I tried this, my blood test showed low iron levels so I started taking 2ml a day, the second day I went for a run! And the best thing it tastes quite nice.

10th Feb 2014
I was taking regular iron supplemen...
10th Feb 2014
I was taking regular iron supplements for Crohn's disease, some other supplements caused unpleasant digestive side-effects. This is a great alternative

8th May 2013
I highly recommend this product. It...
8th May 2013
I highly recommend this product. Its great when you'r feeling flat and low in iron. It works very quickly and effectively, I used this during and post pregnancy.
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