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Children's Immune

As a parent, the choices you face concerning the wellbeing of your children can sometimes be a little overwhelming. You already know that the fundamentals of keeping your child healthy and happy include sufficient sleep, a nutrient-rich diet and regular exercise. However, when their immunity is compromised it can cause worry and uncertainty. By choosing properly formulated natural medicine, you can feel confident that you are assisting their body’s defences, while avoiding exposure to unneeded additives that are common in conventional alternatives.

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Children's Immune Info

Everyday we’re exposed to common pathogens such as fungi, viruses, bacteria, parasites, and harmful microorganisms. While your child’s immune system is still developing, it can be more vulnerable to these contagions. Herbal and nutritional supplements may help build up nutritional strength and support immune development. They are also known to provide some soothing relief for a variety of seasonal ailments. You may also like to find out more information from our blog article about immune support for babies, infants and children.

Product Reviews

  • Good to have on hand.


    I recently purchased a bottle as a gift along with some probiotics and both were greatly received ... daycare bugs are nasty any time of year but heading into winter they are much worse. I always have a bottle on hand to give the kids an added immunity 'boost'.



  • Fabulous product


    My daughter had severe asthma, needing a puff of ventolin almost hourly. The doctor prescribed her steroids which I did not want to give her and as I couldn't even start them till the next day, I bought some of this product to try. The first dose helped her immediately and by giving her the correct dosage for the rest of the day, she didn't need any more ventolin! It worked faster and better than the steroids could possibly have! Now if her asthma starts getting bad again I just give her another dose and it sends it on its way. : ) : ) : )



  • excellent


    I take it in water( a precaution against bronchitis as I have narrow lungs) as it is very pleasant but strong. No bronchitis this season so far



Wellness Blog

  • Natural Support for Children’s Immunity

    It is more challenging at this time of year to maintain our normal levels of wellness. It can be common to require more immune support to maintain our everyday health, including children to help strengthen ...

  • Kid’s Winter Health Essentials

    Our Natural Health Expert, Liz Jury, shares with us her favourite picks for keeping the kids in tip top health this winter. The darker mornings and cooler breeze definitely signals that winter is on it’s ...

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