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There’s an old saying that the eyes reveal what the heart feels, but did you know your eyes could also reveal your general state of health? Your eyes could signal hidden health concerns, so it’s important to take notice of abnormalities or discomfort, and then seek the advice of your health professional. Appropriate nutrition and care can help maintain good vision and eye health, and with more than two million operational parts, your eyes can benefit from a helping hand!

Please see below for our carefully selected eye nutritional supplements.

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Eye Health Info

Your eyes can take in a staggering 36,000 bits of information in an hour. However, with our daily activities such as extensive computer screen use and exposure to extremes of heat and cold weather elements, our eyes can become strained or stressed.

The fruit and vegetables in your diet contain anti-oxidants that may protect and slow down the degenerative process. Sadly, in modern agriculture much of our fresh produce could lack the levels of vitamins and minerals our eyes require, so natural health supplements may be useful to help fill any nutritional gaps.

Product Reviews

  • Have noticed a slight improvement with my vision


    A side effect of a vapour rising agent to aid breathing was giving my vision small hazy spots which were absolutely aweful at first I thought my glasses were at fault but it was worse than that, have ceased this medication, and this actuon along with "Cyrstal Vision" has made an improvement,am hoping for a hundred perce(nt recovery, I can not over state the importance of reading up on the side effects of some of these drugs the medical profession prescribes, even more dangerous is products you can buy across the counter like (Duro Tuss) as they contain 1.33mg, of Saccharin sodium which have been well researched asca major contributor to both Strokes, and Dementia, so the next time you are looking for relief from a common cold or flu symptoms for heaven's sake don't reach for Duro-Tuss.



  • Last ditch attempt to delay failing eyesight.


    A diagnosis no one wants to hear; that there is nothing to be done to repair MD in one eye. First port of call is Nordic Naturals who supply top - level fish oil based supplements for optimum health. Currently I am pairing with Ultimate Omega which I value and have been taking for years, but when they run out I shall be reverting to two Omega Vision capsules daily. Regular checks with my eye surgeon show no dramatic changes so I am confident Omega Vision is the best choice for me.

    Mosie Posie


  • 长期回购的佳品





Wellness Blog

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    Did you know: Our eyeballs stay the same size from birth to death, while your nose and ears continue to grow? An eye is composed of more than 2 million working parts. 80% of our ...

  • Plants for protecting your eyesight

    I think most people would agree that eye sight is something you want to look after carefully.  Yet every year New Zealanders are losing their sight or becoming visually impaired due to a number of ...

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