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Pelargonium Sidoides Extract

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Kaloba Pelargonium Sidoides Extract soothes the nose, sinuses, throat and bronchi; is suitable for the whole family, including children 1 year and older.
Kaloba® helps the body's fight against winter and seasonal bugs. It helps the body's immune response keep the winter bugs and ailments at bay; it also supports the immune system's natural response.
Kaloba® contains a special extract, EPs® 7630, derived from a South African plant called Pelargonium sidoides. This purple flowering plant has been traditionally used in a herbal preparation for the nose, sinus, throat and respiratory system problems; namely against the attack of winter and seasonal ills and chills.
Kaloba® goes to work quickly to help the body's natural defences respond promptly to the onslaught of seasonal ills and chills that target the airways and respiratory system.
More than twenty scientific studies confirm that Kaloba®, particularly when used promptly assists natural and healthy recovery; it also supports the body's natural immune response.

TAPS NA 7025

Do not take Kaloba® if you:

• Are pregnant or breastfeeding.
• Have hypersensitivity to the ingredients or any of the excipients.
• Have severe liver disease.

To be administered orally;

Adult and adolescents over 12: Take 30 drops (1.5ml) three times daily.

Children 6 - 12: Take 20 drops (ml) three times daily.

Infants 1 - 5: Take 10 drops (0.5ml) three times daily.

In acute cases adults and children over 12 take 40 (2ml) drops three to five times daily.

For best results use Kaloba® at the first sign of problems and continue for an additional 48 hours after they subside. Kaloba can be diluted with liquid.

50ml or 20ml Pelargonium sidoides extract (ethanolic extract from the roots of Pelargonium sidoides).

Glycerol. alcohol by volume 12%. water. 

  • Help the body with the fight against winter & seasonal bugs
  • Soothe the nose, sinuses. throat & bronchial
  • Support the body's response to maintain free airways
  • Maintain optimum health over winter & times of seasonal change


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Dy Short
6th Oct 2019
6th Oct 2019
Grand product which helped me to get rid of a nasty chest cold.

20th Sep 2019
Brilliant - Buy this Now !!!
20th Sep 2019
This is amaaaazing. My son had had the awful cough that is doing the rounds. After two doses he stopped coughing. Fantastic stuff. Have recommended to friends who have also purchased and they have said the same

25th Jul 2017
Great stuff
25th Jul 2017
always have this on hand now. At the first sign of anything I take it and don't get sick. Would recommend.

2nd Mar 2017
Great product
2nd Mar 2017
A friend recommended Kaloba to me last year and I now always have a stock in the cupboard. I take it as soon as I get a scratchy throat or a cough and it seems to nip it in the bud before it turns nasty. Have given it to my children too with similar results. Would recommend!

19th Oct 2016
19th Oct 2016
Definitely shortens the length of illness. Have managed not to get ill when others are, by taking as soon as the bugs start going around.Earthy taste but not bad, especially if you know you are not going to get sick. And Health post - great service as always.

24th Sep 2015
So pleased
24th Sep 2015
I had read about Kaloba and thought I'd buy some to keep on hand. This past week I got a sore throat, achy head, cold etc which I just knew was going to turn into something nasty. So I used Kaloba for the first time. The next day I felt so much better & no cold, sore throat developed at all. I know that a trial where n=1 isn't the most scientific, however whatever caused me to get better has to be good - & I'll put that down to Kaloba. Gave my bottle to my elderly mother and just ordering a new one for myself.

2nd Dec 2013
I love and swear by this product. ...
2nd Dec 2013
I love and swear by this product. I always have one in the house just in case someone begins to feel unwell. Perfect for the whole family.

10th Aug 2013
Easy to take in juice or water and ...
10th Aug 2013
Easy to take in juice or water and really works well to lessen/help your cold symptoms. I took at the first sign of a sore throat and after a very short cold of 2 days I was pretty much cleared up!

26th Jul 2013
I couldn't sleep well because of co...
26th Jul 2013
I couldn't sleep well because of coughing and phlegm for 2weeks.However a miracle happened to me after taking Kaloba for two doses, no more coughing, slept all night. It was first night without coughing in 2 weeks. Thank you to my customer who introduced Kaloba on Tuesday. I ordered 3 bottles Kaloba yesterday, it arrived early in the morning today. Wow!I already told it to my friend who is taking antibiotics because of the flu. Thanks 'Kaloba'
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