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Mad Millie is a kiwi company with a passion for delicious do-it-yourself food and drinks. Their starter kits make it easy to create tasty foods at home, bringing an element of fun and creativity to the kitchen and allowing you to enjoy things you’ve crafted yourself.

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Fermented foods are something that have seen an enormous surge in popularity in recent years, and for very good reason – they are a natural source of the probiotics  needed to fuel our bodies, with a particularly impressive ability to nurture our digestive systems and immune health.

One of the most popular ferments today is kefir, a beverage originating in the Caucasus region and made by introducing colonies of probiotic bacteria and yeast to milk to create a tart, fermented beverage similar to runny yoghurt. This can be enjoyed on its own or poured over fruit, mixed into smoothies, or eaten with muesli. Mad Millie’s kefir kits contain the powdered starter, so you know exactly which probiotic strains you’re using, as well as all necessary equipment to make it at home.

Try to make your own delicious Greek or coconut yoghurt in your kitchen too!

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