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MaybeBaby Maybe Baby Easy Ovulation Tester


1x mini-microscope

RRP: $95.00

Save 17% ($16.50)


RRP: $95.00

Save 17% ($16.50)

The Maybe Baby® Easy Ovulation Tester is an easy to use, reusable mini-microscope that helps you identify your most fertile days - the ideal time to conceive (or to help you gauge when best to avoid pregnancy).

How does it work?
The Maybe Baby® Easy Ovulation Tester is a mini-microscope that shows the link between oestrogen and the salt levels in your saliva. As ovulation approaches, your oestrogen levels increase and this increases the salinity (salt levels) of your saliva.

When dried saliva is viewed under a microscope, the crystallised patterns that are formed by increased salt levels are different from patterns which form when salt (and oestrogen) levels are low.

The mini-microscope has a 52x power magnification lens. By monitoring your saliva every day and comparing the image of your dried saliva in the viewfinder, you can determine your most fertile days.

  • At the beginning of your cycle oestrogen levels are low and your Maybe Baby® Easy Ovulation Tester will show a pattern of pebbles or dots.
  • As you approach ovulation oestrogen levels begin to rise and a transitional pattern of ferns and pebbles/dots will be visible.
  • Around ovulation, oestrogen levels peak and a distinctive 'fern' pattern will be visible.
  • After ovulation, as oestrogen levels fall, a transitional pattern or a pattern of pebbles/dots will be visible again.
  • Please note: the above diagram is based on a typical 28 day cycle. Every woman is unique and your cycle may vary in length and can be different from month to month. Using the Maybe Baby® Easy Ovulation Tester is no guarantee of either achieving or avoiding pregnancy - but it is a great tool to help you understand your cycle, more fertile and less fertile days.

    Understanding Ovulation

    Ovulation is your window of opportunity for conception. It's the once-monthly release of an egg from your ovary and the best time to try and make a baby. The tricky part is that ovulation can vary from month to month (even in the same woman), making it hard to predict.

    Every woman is unique with a cycle that may vary in length and can be different from month to month. By tracking your cycle you can better understand when you will be in the ovulation phase and are more likely to conceive.

    Download the Maybe Baby Fertility Chart to easily record your daily readings.

    If you have a regular cycle you can use the table below as a guide to identify when you are most likely to ovulate. This is a general guide only and some women find that they ovulate earlier or later than this period.

For those women with a regular cycle, an easy way to approximate the ovulation period is to subtract 16 from the number of days in your cycle and then add 4. For example, if you have a 28 day cycle, 28 – 16 = 12 (+ 4 = 16), Therefore you are most likely to ovulate between days 12 and 16 of your cycle.

The Maybe Baby® Easy Ovulation Tester may help you identify your ovulation phase as distinctive ‘fern’ patterns may be seen.

The above info is a guide only. All women are different and there are no products available that can guarantee success in achieving pregnancy. The Maybe Baby® Easy Ovulation Tester has been designed to assist in conception; however, it may not be suitable for everyone. Speak to your healthcare professional for more advice.


Please ensure that you have not eaten or drunk anything for at least 3 hours before using the Maybe Baby® Easy Ovulation Tester as the saliva sample needs to be free of contaminants. Food, drinks, toothpaste, mouthwash, chewing gum and smoking will interfere with the results. Drinking water will not affect the results.

It is recommended that you take the sample first thing in the morning, before eating or brushing your teeth.

  1. Remove the protective cover 
  2. Remove the viewfinder by gently pulling it straight out of the housing - Do not unscrew the rotating eye piece from the viewfinder.
  3. Clean the sample plate with the lint-free cloth provided - NEVER apply water directly to the sample plate or viewfinder.
  4. With a clean dry fingertip, place a drop of saliva onto the sample plate and spread a layer ensuring that you cover the entire surface - Gently glide any bubbles to the side of the sample plate onto the black area. Saliva from underneath your tongue should contain the least amount of bubbles.
  5. Allow the saliva sample to air dry - only dried saliva will produce patterns. This should take approximately 10-15 minutes - Patterns are not viewable when wet. Do not use any heated appliances to reduce drying time as this may affect the patterns formed. View your results soon after the saliva sample has dried as prolonged exposure to air may interfere with the results.
  6. After the saliva sample has dried, reinsert the viewfinder into the housing cylinder 
  7. Hold the Maybe Baby® Easy Ovulation Tester up very close to your eye and press the light switch on the bottom. Rotate the viewfinder to focus the image until a clear pattern is seen.
  8. Compare the image to the ones shown in the leaflet and record the results on the Fertility Cycle Chart provided.
  9. Clean the dried saliva from the sample plate with the lint-free cloth. If the dried saliva is hard to remove, moisten the cloth only with a small drop of water.
  10. Replace the protective cover.


There are no products available that can guarantee success in either achieving or avoiding pregnancy. Maybe Baby® Easy Ovulation Tester has been designed to assist in conception; however, it may not be suitable for everyone. Speak to your healthcare professional for more advice.


Maybe Baby Mini-Microscope
Lint-free cleaning cloth
Fertility cycle chart
Instructions leaflet

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Glad I spent a little money on me and got one of these! Extremely easy to use and you don't have to pee on a stick - halleluja ;) Definitly worth it for me as someone who doesn't have a clockwork cycle, now I have much greater certainty in my timings.

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