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Arnica Cream

Arnica montana is a European flowering plant commonly known as Leopards Bane or Wolf’s Bane. Arnica cream is renowned for assisting the body's natural healing process. This category contains Arnica in cream, gel, lotion, ointment, and massage oil form. See our Homeopathic Arnica category for Arnica in liquid, tablet & spray form.

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Arnica Cream Info

Arnica montana is a European flowering plant commonly known as Leopards Bane or Wolf’s Bane. Used as a homoeopathic preparation it can be either taken orally or applied as a cream/ointment to relieve any kind of physical trauma.

Arnica Cream Benefits

Arnica supports the body’s natural response to shock or trauma and speeds up the healing process. It helps the body release shock held in the tissues and reduces the symptoms of physical trauma. It assists in the repair and healing of bruised and sprained tissues and muscles, after falls, knocks, sports injuries, muscle ache from exercise, and recovery from surgery.

Arnica Cream Side Effects

Do not apply arnica to broken skin.

Product Reviews

  • Magic cream


    Arnica cream has been my 'magic' cream for over 30years now, can not do without it in the medical cupboard and handbag!



  • Great results


    I have constant pain from a herniated disc, this in turn causes muscle spasms, and muscle tension. This cream did actually help, I was suprised. Not for the very severe pain, but it most certainly took the edge off, I wasn't expecting it to - as very little helps but Im impressed. Great to have in the first aid kit. I would recommend this over pain killers.



  • Neuropathy & bruises


    I bought this at the Auckland shop, but wanted to share with the online buyer.
    I have neuropathy in my feet & hands, which, when it is severe, has kept me sleepless at times. Miraculously, this cream stops the pain!!!
    It also works beautifully as a bruise cream - I have thin skin & when I bump or scratch it, it comes up in ugly red welts. If I apply the cream straight away & frequently, it really minimises the damage.
    I highly recommend this product.



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  • Arnica – the ‘patron saint’ of muscles and bruises

    For centuries, nature’s little yellow flower known as arnica has been used in liniment and ointment preparations to successfully treat bruises, muscle pains and strains. Today, because of its ability to relieve and restore complaints ...

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