Bone Broth

Bone broth is a veritable powerhouse of nutrition, providing high quality protein in an easily absorbed form, as well as numerous minerals and nourishing compounds including glutamine and gelatine. These nutrients are extracted when beef, chicken or other animal bones, joints and frames are simmered over a long period of time, creating a liquid that is easy to take and absorb, ideal for all ages.

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Bone broth is a form of stock made from the bones of various animals boiled and simmered over a period of hours. For generations, broth has been a staple of diets across the world, and many of us will recall the large stock pots our grandmothers would always have simmering on the stove. The nourishing properties of stock and broth are legendary, with chicken soup – a form of bone broth with added extras – an age-old remedy for all that ails you. Today, nutritional research is verifying what our ancestors have always known, and demonstrating the myriad health properties found in bone broths.

Bone Broth Benefits

Bones are high in protein, extremely mineral-rich, and contain high quantities of gelatin, collagen and glutamine, required for healthy joints, bones and connective tissue, as well as nourishing and supporting immune and digestive health.

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